Calabresella Importers-Italian

yeah so this is half of a small (I already chowed the other half)...
price $5... i'm in heaven :)

So there is this little Italian import shop literally 2 blocks away from where John lives. I've driven past it hundreds of times and never gone in. Two weeks ago on a lazy saturday afternoon John said "you should go up and get yourself a good old fashion italian sub, I know you'd love that place up there" So off I went... and then again the following weekend... and probably again this weekend... it's so tasty!! Talk about old school. It's awesome, you have all the older and younger Italian guys with the thick accents calling you sweetheart. I had to go with the golden standard, italian assorted, genoa salami, capicola, ham, extra sharp provolone... have you ever had extra sharp provolone?? it's insane seriously, so sharp and intense. Anyway if you are ever in the area of Gates a suburb of Rochester... also known as little italy... take a stop at this place and order up something good!


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Meg said...

Sounds awesome..just like what my grandmother from NJ would call the true thing!

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