2 minute chocolate mini cake with ice cream

yeah serious ice cream melting action going on in that bowl!

I don't know about you but it was hot humid and in the 90's here this past weekend... NOT normal Rochester June weather. BLEH! My third floor apartment is very much like a brick oven, and cooking dinner has translated to things like salads, cold sandwiches and cereal... nothing involving the stove or oven... it's just too hot! I must say though I still crave things like cake in this weather... but turning the oven on is NOT an option. So in dire times... *foodies please cover your eyes and ears... stop reading now!* ... cake mix must be used... *gasp* I know I know. But this is an occasion where I think it's ok to use cake mix. I love cooking from scratch cakes. (I made a lovely chocolate layer cake with John's mom this past weekend (she has central air wooohooo!) and I will post about that later this week) But for when I'm stuck in my oven of an apartment I go to a trusty box of Pillsburry dark chocolate cake mix. Those little mini bowls are all the rage now but they cost $$ for what you get. Don't be fooled by the marketing just buy a normal size box of your favorite cake mix and do as follows:

Mini Microwave Cakes (makes 1)
4 Tbs cake mix (your choice)
3 to 4 Tbs water

In a small microwave safe bowl mix cake mix with water. Stir until totally blended, microwave for about 45 seconds to 1 minute.

Remove from microwave, top with ice cream (I've been using low fat cappuccino chip... delicious) and enjoy!


That's right a nice moist "hot out of the oven" cake in less then 2 minutes. Also none of the added oil or egg is needed since it's such a small portion, the water does it all! Hope you enjoy it when it's too hot to bake a cake from scratch!

Update: if you use a bowl that is somewhat thick you'll need to increase the time. a thinner bowl works best. Also microwaves vary in power so watch your cake carefully the first time you make it, it may need a little more or less time :)

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Suzy Q-zy said...

OMG! How did you even figure that out! That's awesome! You don't have to bake the whole thing, smaller portion...you are brilliant!

I recognize that desert! Glad we got to catch up and thanks for the summer cake and ice cream cooking lesson!! Oh, I must remember to buy my own box of cake mix to use with the rest of my ice cream!

Wendy said...

yummo! i have been eating icecream too in this heat --- love it!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea this is. I topped it with my usual fat free, sugar free chocolate pudding and a little Wegman's light whipped cream. It took the pudding to a whole new level. Susie

Nikki said...

So happy to find your site and info.  My grandson just made 5 cake pops using one of the packaged microwave mini-cakes I had on hand.  We had just discovered the cake pop idea from YouTube and had only these.  They worked so well, and we all had so much fun that I had to find out how to do this more economically. Found you through a web search so now we can make these often.  I live in Arizona so can relate well to the heat in the kitchen/house thing!  Thanks so much for posting your success story. 

I'm so glad to help! It's so much more economical this way and just as tasty! :)

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