So how excited was I when I got home and saw I had a package waiting for me! I really am like a little kid, getting mail is such a thrill haha. So if you've notice I have this fun little sponsored by ad on the right side of the page -->
foodbuzz is a community where you can review restaurants, read about recipes, and basically link with a ton of foodies all in one place. Check them out! I'm a member there and also involved in their advertising program. foodbuzz also works with Haagen Dazs Save the Honey Bees. The two companies got together and sent a fun little package out to all the advertising foodbuzz-ers.

The package had a cute organic tote by Eco Bags with foodbuzz logo and 2 buttons, one with steph chows on it! Personalization, oh what fun! There was also a package of wildflower seeds from Haagen Dazs! I can't wait to plant them! I'm already using my new tote to carry around at the farmers market. love it!

Chow on!

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