TCHO choclate new flavor "Nutty"

Hey guys the people at TCHO sent me another wonderful package of their newest flavor of chocolate! So tasty!! Check out their description...

So far I've had the privilege of trying "chocolatley" "fruity" and now "nutty". I really enjoyed chocolatey and fruity was good but needed some time to grow on me... Nutty is by far the most complex and in my mind best flavor so far!! You can absolutly taste the coffee undertones which meld perfectly with the chocolate taste. TCHO has done it again and I think Nutty has won my heart out of the three so far! Even though it is 70% cacoa a person who isn't a true dark chocolate fan will love it, no bitterness, just pure smooth, bold flavor. A great way to get some antioxidants into your diet. Good job TCHO!

If you want to buy some to try it yourself click here!

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