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John always teases me that food ranks higher on the love of my life scale then he does. I tell him he's wrong but he doesn't believe me... Last night I realized it is things like sushi dances that probably make him think these things. I went to a spinning class and as the class came to an end I thought about what there was at home to eat... hmm not much. Since I'm moving at the end of the month I've been trying to eat whatever I have on hand and not buy too much that would then have to be moved. I had mentioned to John earlier that we should go for sushi this weekend... silly me mentioning sushi, now it was all I could think about! What's a girl to do but call up California Rollin' ahh sushi love. I called in my order and realized as I drove to village gate to pick it up... i was literally dancing around in my car seat... yes it's true, it was a sushi happy dance, and it was full on!

Cali has the best deals, every day they have 3 rolls for $12 (they change up what they are daily). For those of you know don't eat sushi, that's a WICKED good price. Sunday's are even better, you get to pick which 3 rolls you want for $12!! So in reality you can order 3 $8 and only pay $12. Gotta love that.

Now there is something you need to know, cali is not for the faint of heart or for a sushi traditionalist. The chefs are covered in tattoos and piercings and the rolls are a bit on the wild side... here are some examples...

Mistletoe Roll - Fresh Salmon, avocado and honey topped with sesame seeds - just like getting an X-mas kiss.

Salmon Diablo - Freshly diced Salmon and minced scallions completed by a chili garlic sauce.

TNT Roll - Tuna, tomato and Green Tabasco blow your taste buds away!

Yesterday the 3 for 12 special was a california roll, rochester roll, and a dancing diablo roll.

California Roll - Crabstick, cucumber, Japanese mayo and avocado - taste the legend.

Rochester Roll - Tempura Whitefish, Japanese mayo and lemon.

Dancing Diablo Roll - Salmon Diablo tempura'd and covered in Dinosaur BBQ sauce - a spicy BBQ throw down!

yummm... and yes the sushi dances lasted the entire drive there, then home, and continued as I sat eating until it was all gone... ahhh sushi dances. yum!


3 chews:

Wendy said...

Dear Dancing Diablo Roll,
I love you. Those who have eaten you who have said you are barely sushi are wrong. You ARE sushi, covered in crunchy goodness and saucy slather.



stephchows said...

HAHAHAH Wendy I love it!!! That is freak'in hilarious hehehe. mmmmmmm dancing diablo mmmmmmmm :)

stephchows said...

HAHAHAH Wendy I love it!!! That is freak'in hilarious hehehe. mmmmmmm dancing diablo mmmmmmmm :)

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