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My first batch of home made jam!
Beautiful, if I don't' say so myself :)

I love me some jelly (or i guess it's really jam)! I've never made jam before and have always wanted to. Even though I was in the middle of moving apartments I decided to join in on Batter-Splattered's Jam/Jelly Exchange!!! It was so much fun and I will totally do it again! Basically everyone is given a name of someone to send a jar of jam to. I received a jar of salmon berry jam from Valerie in Kodiak Alaska!! Ok first how cool is it that my jelly came from Alaska??? Second what are salmon berries??? Click on the link to wiki it :) I need to pick up a good loaf of bread so I can make some toast and try it! I can't wait and I"ll let you know when I do :) Look at how pretty it is!

salmon berry jam from alaska, mmmmm

As for what I made... I figured my first batch of jam had to be full on from scratch so my friend Anjali who grew up in my home town and now lives here in Rochester suggested we go raspberry picking at a local farm. The day came and it was gross and raining but we stuck it out and picked raspberries like a champ!


Did I mention that my sister was off in DC going into labor as we were out frolicking in the raspberry fields?? Crazy.

This jam was very easy to make, equal parts crushed fresh raspberries to sugar, no pectin, no nothing, just berries and sugar, and let me tell you... this jewel colored jam was the best tasting jam I've had in a long time... amazing texture color. uggggg it was just so good!!! Bring berries to a rolling boil, add sugar, stir constantly for 2-4 minutes, take off heat and beat with a hand mixer for 4 minutes, pour into sterilized jars and boil to seal :)

I sent a jar of my jam off with an extra little surprise with it last Wednesday.. hopefully she has received it! I'll link to her once I know for sure she got it so I don't ruin the surprise! :D


Update: April got her package!! Read about it plus her surprise here. Bummer it melted though!!!!!!

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Tanya said...

Canning scares me. There seems to be so much involved. I love jam though and I'm sure if I actually learned how I would be making jam all day long. This looks delicious!

April said...

Steph, thank you so much for the jam! It is fantastic! Also, thank you for the sponge candy. It is quite addicting! I love it. Thanks again!

SCJ said...

Um YUM!!!!

Rasberry Jam is my favorite and I have always wanted to make it since my grandma made it when I was a kid!

Love that I saw Anjali picking berries with you! Tell her I say Hello!

Oh wow, the jam and the raspberry's look soo yummy!!

Oh wow, the jam and the raspberry's look soo yummy!!

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