lentils are yum

John made me dinner new years eve :) He made a lentil concoction with tomatoes, turkey kielbasa, garlic... I'm not sure what else was in it and he's not spilling the beans! He served it over brown rice with some cheese on top and it was spicy and super delicious!! He also made some home made hummus to start as an appetizer :) look at him go!!! Happy New year everyone!

I'm looking forward to a year full of new chow recipes and healthy options! If anyone has a recipe they would like me to "health up" just send it my way and I'll see what I can do :)


4 chews:

Meg said...

Looks yummy! I still haven't tried lentils!

stephchows said...

meg you totally have to try them! look for them in a can in the veggie aisle for a super quick and easy option :)

♥Reeni said...

How sweet! It looks really yummy!

I'm all about lentils myself. Looks great!

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