The fallback meal

Some nights are made for cooking elaborate meals, course after course of thought and preparation... and then there is the egg sandwich night. Got 5 minutes, you're all set. CHOW! Personally I like my eggs over easy so when you bite into the sandwich yolk goes all over the place. Come on it's fun, admit it! add a little cheddar, turkey bacon, whole wheat toast. DONE and DONE.

I'll take two please :)

What's your go to meal when you don't feel like cooking all night long?

2 chews:

If you ask my husband, it's hotdogs. ALLL THE WAY.

Me? It's ravioli that I have frozen, and a marinara sauce.

Or soup. Good soup though.

I like your fallback meal. I might have to switch things up and give that a go!

stephchows said...

I need to make some more soup to stock the freezer with! I love a bowl of soup especially this time of year :)

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