What I did on my day off

So I took off work yesterday. Most people take off work to go to the beach, maybe a nice hike in the woods, get some errands done, sure I love those things (except the errands part) but why did I take off yesterday you may ask. Because I have a problem... a baking problem... I wanted to bake... and sew a few things. So I took the day off to do so... yes I'm a 1950's housewife stuck in a 20-somethings body. wicked fun if you ask me :)

So here's what I made yesterday:

Batch of poose cookies for John

Batch of oatmeal raisin cookies for a friend who dislocated her knee. Come on cookies totally help heal knees!

Bonana bread... I had WAY too many bananas in the freezer... something had to be done about it.

Granola. Love this stuff over greek yogurt with some honey blueberries and strawberries. YUM!

Strawberry Ruhbarb Pie- I made this with my roommate (Steph) for her boyfriend (John) yes I know I know, and no it wasn't on purpose and no it's not confusing when someone calls because we've never had a land line, only cell phones :)

You see Steph's John has been wanting pie for awhile... and Steph has been a bit busy, so he started bugging me about when I was going to make him pie LOL. In the end Steph and I made it together and her John better be happy :D I'll have the recipe and more process/ up close pictures next week.

Finally I made some cool cucumber salad. It's a recipe my Nana, and my mom always made when I was growning up. Mom made mention of it the other day and I couldn't help myself but run right out and make some. It's SO GOOD, and so simple. Recipe for that to come next week too :)

If you had a free day off what would you do??

OH and I can't forget, I went to Ultimate Frisbee league at night! I scored 2 points! AND assisted on a third point woo woo! Then I came home to an amazingly grilled meal made by Steph and John and we had the pie for dessert YUM!

Oh and don't forget you have until Sunday to sign up for the jam exchange if you haven't already :)

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Mags said...

You got more done in a day than I get done in a week! And the Steph/John X 2 thing is too funny.

Sunshine said...

We are kindred spirits! I take days off at random simly because I want to bake. Sometimes though, I call in sick and sneak off to an early movie by myself (I like to be the only one in the theatre).

Megan said...

I have the same problem! I love just having a whole day to bake and cook and prep stuff for more cooking projects.

You've just reminded me I need to make more granola!

Anne said...

Wow, you got so much baking done! It all looks great, too--I'm impressed. If I had a day off I'd go on a long run and do fun errands :D

ultimate frisbee?! awesome!! :)

that sounds like the perfect day off if you ask me. sure, vacations and traveling are so nice... definitely love those... but sometimes one day to relax in your comfy clothes with your kitchen is just what the doctor ordered.

oh, and definitely feel ya on the confusing name thing. while I never had a roommate with the same name... Sarah isn't exactly uncommon!

Pam said...

Now that's my kind of day off - I think I would do the same...bake.

stephchows said...

Mags- That's only because I'm a nut, every time one thing came out of the oven the next thing was ready to go in!

Sunshine- awesome!! and too funny about leaving early for the movies :) hehe I wont tell!

Megan- Hmmm looks like there are a lot of us baking all day people out there :) What granola recipe do you use?

Anne- What are fun errands?? lol

Sarah- frisbee rocks!!! home in comfy clothing all the way! I would have had an apron on too (love aprons) but it was WAY too hot out.

Pam- awesome!! hooray for all the bakers out there!

Ann said...

Oh my gosh, I'm totally exhausted by your day, and jealous too! Never happens anymore but I used to do it all the time before having a child.
I quit Paychex in 05, so no more Rochester trips for me...but we do go to NY sometimes:)

Ugh, I've dislocated the same knee twice ... not fun! Yummy cookies would certainly have helped. What a great friend you are, Steph, and what a delicious way to spend your day off. You certainly were productive!

Me? I'd probably choose the beach ... though cooking/baking all day does appeal. :)

Baking pies and cookies is fun to do when you just have hours of time. Lucky lucky friends of yours.

Reeni♥ said...

All that baking! YUM!! It's such great stress relief for me. I do the same when I have free time!

Steph said...

I love it when I can have days to just bake!

Sal said...

Wow! The cookies look amazing! I wish I had friends who baked for me! Thanks for linking to the recipes; I might give them a try.

Cucinista said...

I love to cook on my days off and usually end up making meals for the entire week when I do. But please... next time come over to my house and bake for me -- yum! Such willpower to give it all away.

You're having fun, right! I'll do the same during weekends. I'll go through the recipes and get something nice to pamper myself. Ha ha!

Ninette said...

I think cooking is a great thing to do on a day off. You got a lot done!

Marta said...

Nope, I do the same too: days off are for baking, sewing and knitting! I'm blessed to have every other Friday off (it pays off to work for an evil oil company!) so that's hen I catch up on my housewife-y activities. Hey, who said making stock and pie crust on your day off isn't cool?!?!?!
Looks like you accomplished a lot :)

the twins said...

everything looks great! you did so much baking and cooking in one day =)

I say your day off for baking turned out to be a success! Everyone has different relaxation methods - yours is just baking :)

Justin said...

looks like time well spent

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