3 hour eating marathon

The tasting pavilion was a serious highlight of my trip. Imagine a gigantic room with food as far as the eye can see! All of the companies were over the top gracious, handing out beer glasses, books, free samples to try right then and there, and samples to take home and save for later. I was lucky to have my old friend Travis meeting me there when it was over... he became my pack mule to help me carry everything back to the hotel, thanks Travis! (check out the great view we found at the end of the post)

There were so many wine and beer producers there along with the food vendors. If anyone managed to try all of them... I'm sure they were sloshed by the end LOL. Martini anyone? I tried an IPA from 21st amendment it kicked my socks off :D in a good way that is. They said it's the hoppiest beer you can find in a can. They also had a Hell Or High Watermelon Beer... lol love the name!

From Kerrygold cheese to fine artisan chocolates and everything in between, this was an eating marathon, and I have to say I think I did a darn good job eating my way through all of these vendors!

Highlight time:

Nitrate free hotdogs that taste like heaven? Thank you Range Brothers. There was also talk of a bacon hotdog from them... how did I miss that sample???

Amir and Chrystal and their amazing demo!!

So many types of Kerrygold cheese... all for me....

Next I need to tell you about foodzie... it's like esty... but for FOOD!!! It's a way for small companies (1 person in some cases) to get their name out there and sell their product. Here are all the great people who were there> link. And here's a few shout outs!

I didn't get a good picture but Annie the Bakers cookies... they are so thick and she described them as having a thick cookie dough texture... delicious!

Marshmallows made with real ingredients that taste like pumpkin, vanilla, and cranberry... OMG... they are from Gateau et Ganache tasty!

If you like honey check out Big Sky Honey Farm.
Hot sauce that kicks some serious rear? All spice cafe.
Awesome jam? Sunchowder jams.

There were just so many good things there! Go check the full list and buy from cool small companies!

Next up... Pop candy!

The people working the booth at Pop Candy were amazing!! And their all natural ingredients no preservative candy... *drool* Order some... no order a lot NOW!

Rock on Natures Pride!!

Natures Pride in the photo booth!

For a list of some of the vendors at the tasting go here. I seriously only mentioned maybe 1/10th of the companies there! I can't find a page with a full list though...

As I mentioned above my pack mule friend Travis knew about a bar across the street that had a great view of the city... little did he know if you take the stairs you can get to the roof!!! Should we have been up there.. prob not... but we had a 270 degree view that included both bridges AMAZING! The pictures really don't do it justice.

Next up.... Outstanding in the Field Dinner and a brunch wrapup!

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Joy said...

The best sort of marathon!

tam said...

I had a food marathon day yesterday! Everything looks so tasty! x x

Jessica said...

All of that looks incredible!

Mags said...

So much to look at and taste. It must have been overwhelming!

Anonymous said...

Awesome tastings!

Shannon said...

forgot about the photo booth :) this is a marathon i'd happily do again!

Maria said...

How fun! I love SF! Glad you got in so many great eats:)

Hal B said...

I'm pretty sure it was a bacon/apple/maple pork sausage. I'm totally sure it was amazing.

Let me at that Kerry Gold and the Pop Candy! LOL

Actually, everything looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to checking out those links. Thanks for posting them and, of course, sharing your photos, Steph!

Brittany said...

This was so fun!!! Thanks for posting the photo booth picture. I love it!

RhodeyGirl said...


Thanks for the shout out! Ummm p.o.p. candy is the best thing on EARTH! That butter crunch was too good.

Pam said...

I am so jealous! A pavilion filled with yummy food sounds like my kind of fun.

Steph said...

All that food looks so good! I would have loved to try those marshmallows.

Megan said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I can't believe all the food!

What yummy eats and treats! Great pictures, especially the last ones.

Julia said...

Sounds awesome-- and thanks for the Foodzie link. So cool!

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