Cocktails and Street Meat

OK back for the next installment! Jeanne made sure to get me to my hotel in time for the cocktail party Friday night. It was on the outdoor terraces on the 7th and 8th floors of Hotel Vital (ok I seriously love this hotel... such a fun modern feel to it... more on that later). Anyway drinks were flowing thanks to Skyy Spirits and there were all types of munchies to get our appetite revving. The best part, hearing someone call out my name since they recognized me from the pics on my blog! So cool!

I met a ton of new people and some "old friends" too. Isn't it great to have faces to go along with the blogs you read every day!? love it!

Hal from This Man's kitchen, Total brain fail... she's from Philly.. .and I can't remember her name but she came with Vik from Vik eats, Chrystal from the Duo Dishes, and gah another brain fail!

Natalie from Natalies Killer Cuisine, Allie of Fat kid who loves food, and yours truly. Don't you love long arm self portraits :D

The terraces got seriously packed so it was great to hear the tasting was starting across the street. Onto the chow!! It was like food overload, beer, wine, sandwiches, dessert... everywhere!! Here are some highlights.

First off my favorite thing of the night... a vegan RAW "cheesecake" this was my number 1 favorite thing all night... it was the best cheesecake I've ever eaten.... and yet there was no cheese LOL. If you live in the area PLEASE go get some at ALIVE. The chef who made it was there and he was amazing to chat with. It was a serious pleasure to meet him and the girl who was working the table. Too cool. This "cheesecake" is 100% vegan and raw... amazing... the crust... carrots... I didn't even realize until I heard someone else say it... no freakin way.

Now to the total opposite end of the spectrum... Second favorite thing... the "i love pork skin sandwich" I know it sounds gross... and the potatoes are cooked in the fat drippings... so not healthy in ANY way... but oh how good it was!

Another favorite... coffee ice cream from Straus Organic. Yeah... I went back for seconds... and yes I admitted it to the lady scooping it out :D

Oh a cupcake? Don't mind if I do!

And there were a good 10-15 other places there that night too... Can anyone say food coma?? and full disclosure... I didn't take a ton of pics at this event... I was too busy shoveling food into my mouth LOL see "Exhibit A" below... Natalie took it :D

16 chews:

Mmmm, potatoes cooked in fat! By far, one of the three best things we ate all night. Need a porchetta sandwich at least once a month! Your pics are way better than ours. Looking forward to the next wrap ups!

Mags said...

What fun! And how neat to be able to meet all the people who also blog. I'm totally jealous.

Jeanne said...

Those cupcakes are sooo cute! And a perfect size for trying ALL of the flavours! :)

Ang said...

Everything looks so yummy! Like a food lovers paradise! :)

What yummy eats! And how fun to meet fellow bloggers!

Natalie said...

The cheesecakes were so great! I loved the crust also. You should recreate them ;)

Velva said...

What an amazing opportunity to meet so many of your fellow food bloggers. I am hoping that Food Buzz will want to put on a repeat performance because I am so going! Thanks for sharing pics of the wonderful food and the events.

Hal B said...

It always amazes me how good vegan sweets are. You'd think a pastry couldn't be tasty without butter (or cheese in a...cheesecake), but somehow they work their vegan magic.

Great pics Steph - they really capture the spirit of the event!

m.e (Cathie) said...

how much fun are you having!! looks like a fabulous place to meet & eat...ooops :)

Anonymous said...

That raw cheesecake sounds amazing!

Hannah said...

Man, this makes me sad that I'm on the opposite coast... I sure wish I could participate in some sort of blogger get-together!

Anonymous said...

That raw cheesecake sounds amazing!

m.e (Cathie) said...

how much fun are you having!! looks like a fabulous place to meet & eat...ooops :)

Mags said...

What fun! And how neat to be able to meet all the people who also blog. I'm totally jealous.

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