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I was recently asked to do a writeup about a somewhat new website called I was a little skeptical at first but gave it a good go and looked around.

(full disclosure: I was paid to do this review... but all truth here, that had no effect on what I wrote and I let the company know straight up that I'd be writing my honest opinions... they happily said they understood and wanted truthful posts! Hooray for telling the truth!)

Onto the website. I asked them if it was pretty new since there were only 50 restaurants listed for Rochester NY... and I know for a fact there are MANY MANY more than that! I mean when I lived on park ave I had 50 places within a mile radius of my apt... pretty sweet huh? Also amazing I didn't gain 50 lbs. The peeps from told me they are currently in the process of making the site updatable (kinda like a wiki). Which I think will be a huge asset. I currently use when looking for reviews of local places, but lets me see places other than Rochester which is a bonus for planing vacations.

Another cool thing is it integrates with facebook. Ahh evil facebook yet another reason to spend time on you! This makes total sense though... no one likes talking to each other in person... so why call someone to ask where you should eat when you can very quickly see lists of their favorite places right on facebook! (John is currently rolling his eyes at me). John also likes to make fun of my virtual friends... silly John.

I digress... isn't all about chowing... although that's what I'd be using it for :D You can find out people's opinions about dentists, doctors, plumbers.. you name it! Seriously though an opinion from a friend is always more trustworthy than a stranger telling you... at least that's how I think. I'm excited to see when we can update entries, I have a ton of great places to eat that aren't currently on the list and I want to share :)

So have you guys heard about this site yet? What do you think?

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Haven't heard of it-- but I love the newest and coolest apps for wasting time and such :) I'll go check it out!

I haven't heard of this site yet, but it seems like a great local resource. I am going to check it out!

Natalie said...

never heard of this but i just checked it out for st. louis...i love reading reviews before trying a new place so this is awesome!

CB said...

Look at you! Getting paid for your opinion. Now that's a sweet gig! You can tell them you earned your keep b/c I clicked the link. PS- I think it's hilarious that the first review that comes up for my city is Home Depot. Not sure what that says for my city's high life. HA HA!

Ang said...

Sounds neat! I like sites light that because they help me when I'm out of town especially in finding gluten free dining!

Pam said...

I haven't heard of this site but I'll be sure to check it out.

I have been on the site - it didn't have a lot of stuff in my area either. But the site is really nice, I liked the look and feel of it.

Wow, what a cool site. I will def. check it out for my area too. Thanks for the tip, Steph!

I have been on the site - it didn't have a lot of stuff in my area either. But the site is really nice, I liked the look and feel of it.

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