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Fig and Camembert Cheese Pizzelle Sandwich

Long title right? I had some pumpkin pizzelles left over from my luxury dinner party (today is the last day to vote so go vote!!) and was looking around to see what I could have as a snack. After spotting the also leftover figs and Camembert (compliments of Ile De France) I couldn't resist making a little sandwich.

Grossed out by the combination? Don't be, I was a little worried it would be weird... but it was simply delicious. I think these will have to be on the menu for the next dinner party :)

What do you think? Like it? Grossed out? Running to the store to buy some Camembert??

What you'll need:
Pumpkin pizzelles
Camembert Cheese
Dried Figs - sliced


14 chews:

I can totally see this combination working. It sounds delicious.

Hannah said...

Oh, a savory use for pizzelle cookies- Now that I hadn't thought of! Brilliant idea though, there's so much that could be done with this concept...

Doesn't sound gross at all! Yummm

Rachel said...

Definitely adding camembert to the grocery list! Figs and cheese go really well together and I think the combination is even better with more flavorful cheeses.
It almost looks like a s'more!

This sounds great to me. But I think I'd like it even better with ripe fresh figs. Yumm! I've voted for you. Good luck on moving up.

Nothing about it sounds gross. It's like a fancy dessert almost. Quite sophisticated. :)

Leslie said...

I first read the title as "Figbert" sandwiches and was a little confused. I think Figbert Pizzelle's is a good name :)

They look pretty tasty actually!

Natalie said...

LOVE IT! so fun to do a savory sandwich with pizzelles--great idea!

Mariko said...

That sounds so good. I love fig with cheese.

jen cheung said...

voted for ya already! this looks interesting and unique!! sounds delicious too! good luck with the competition :)

have a lovely thanksgiving weekend!
jen @

I thought the pizelles were fabulous- this little sandwich is a great idea for using them!

Meg Luby said...

easy and totally a YUM! what a great combination, thanks for sharing! i love your blog, it inspires me to eat better- or try to! thanks again


stephchows said...

thanks so much everyone! and Meaghan it's so wonderful to know I'm inspiring you! Keep up the good work!!

I really need to make pumpkin pizzeles--they sound heavenly!

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