Special K with fiber

Through the foodbuzz tastemaker program I was recently able to try some of the new Special K strawberry cereal with fiber!!

(image taken from specialk.com)

I love fiber packed cereals... but sometimes they can taste like they are fiber packed. Not the case with this one. It tastes exactly the same as your normal every day special K... just with an added bonus!!

Luckily they sent us 2 boxes since John polished off the first one before I even had a chance to have a full bowl of it. Unlucky for him, I hid the second box so he can't eat it all :D

Have you tried the new special k yet?? If you're looking for ways to get some more fiber in your life I'd highly recommend it!

3 chews:

Rachel said...

I've been working on a box of Vanilla Almond Special K with fiber for a few days. I didn't even realize it was different when I bought it but I definitely prefer cereals with plenty of fiber. It think it's very tasty! I've even eaten if for dessert when there were no cookies in the house : (

stephchows said...

Rachel I'm a HUGE fan of cereal for dessert too! Helps me not go nuts on the baked goods every night :)

Ann said...

Glad you liked it! :)

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