Vikings and Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving week!!! What do you all have planned? We are headed down to my homeland of New Jersey to party it up with my extended family! There will be turkey, ham, and most importantly homemade ravioli (I mean uh...time with family)!! I can't wait to see everyone, chow all the tasty thanksgiving food, and tickle attack my nephew! Watch out Walton, Aunt Stephanie is coming for you.

On another note remember that awesome hat I mentioned I was making for a first birthday party... well here it is!!! Yup that's right... it's a viking hat... I mean I like to give practical gifts... and everyone needs a viking hat!

Of course I had to do a little modeling of it too... Too bad my head's too big... maybe I'll have to size it up so I can have one. If you're interested, the pattern is free and can be found here. Ahhha 2 headed viking monster!!!

Now onto something that makes me think of the holidays for sure. Hickory Farm Gift Baskets!!!! Through the Foodbuzz tastemaker program I got the chance to sample this bad boy for free.

How happy was I when I saw this gigantic box show up on my door step! Look at how much stuff came in this!? They sent me the Home for the Holidays gift box. It ships free to any Military APO/FPO address too! Know a soldier who could use a little taste of home, I'd recommend this box for sure. I think the person in my life who deserves a little extra appreciation would be my Mom and Dad, they are always there for me no matter what and could use a little extra fun surprise!

It comes with 3 summer sausages (we grew up having these with cheese platters at the holidays - yum!) 4 types of cheese, 2 boxes of crackers, and 2 types of delicious mustard. There is so much in this box I'm going to bring some to John's parents, some home to NJ with me, and STILL have some leftover to leave here at home! I love Hickory Farms, it is truly a nostalgic staple :)

What things make you think "holiday"? Or... what weird traditions to you have?

Oh and one last thing, the winner of the CSN giveaway picked by is Traciet! Congrats!

7 chews:

Jeanne said...

love, love, love the hat! I bet Walton will too!
Happy Thanksgiving week!

Make sure you get some Taylor ham!

that hat is awesome!

Oh my word I love that hat! Have a Happy Thanksgiving Steph!

The hat!!! I love it...LOLOL! That is way too cute Steph!

Rachel said...

oh man. Your hat made me laugh - in a good way! I think viking hats are on their way back and you're leading the trend.
Holidays - I think of travel and visiting grandparents. My grandmother's famous dressing and that marshmallow fruit salad stand out in my mind...this year I'm doing my own thing!

Reeni said...

The hat is adorable! Happy Thanksgiving Steph!

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