Balsamic Overload

I've been on a roll with messing up recipes lately... sorry John. He's a trooper and eats them up anyway. Full disclosure: I didn't make these right, I thought I did, but I realized after I didn't let the balsamic reduce enough and I think that was a big part in this not tasting right. Too much balsamic intensity for me, but if you are a big balsamic fan and you reduce it correctly I bet you'll love it! Also it might be the carnivore in me but I felt like it could use some shrimp tossed into the mix. You can find the full recipe over at How Sweet it is.

4 chews:

Jeanne said...

Considering all the good stuff you make, John is still a pretty lucky guy. But too bad this one didn't work out.

Hannah said...

I'm quite the vinegar fiend... I don't think I could get too much balsamic. It certainly looks delicious, at least.

Juicer said...

I don't think it looks delicious, sorry, but I know from experience that there are plenty of stuff that don't look delicious that are actually so.

It's still good to share the bad with the good. We've made some funky things before too. It happens!

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