A baby on the way - bird mobile

A friend and his wife are expecting a baby ANY DAY now. Scary. He's been going a bit batty lately worrying about said incoming baby. I really shouldn't be giving advice to worrying parents to be.

J: I'm freaking out, the baby is due in a few weeks... I'm never going to get any sleep again...
S: Yeah... that's gonna suck big time... maybe you should get some extra sleep now cause it's gonna be done for once that baby gets here.
J: *blink* *blink*
S: Oh umm you were looking for sympathy huh... riiiggght it will be fine, I'm sure the baby will sleep buckets!

Yeahhh... note to self... keep baby advice to yourself! :)

Instead of giving more advice as a gift I decided to make this cute bird mobile instead! It's made up of small scraps of material left from other projects. I love how this came together.

Pattern from One Yard Wonders.

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maggielauerrdh said...

OMG.... I thought you were sharing some news about yourself with us when I read the topic!

LOVE the mobile!

Jeanne said...

Um. Yeah. Maybe you should have thought of a different title for the post. love the mobile! The birds are super cute! Hmm... maybe I could make one! But a knit one of course.

hahahaha! That sounds like something I'd definitely think if not say outloud :)

Whooops! Good point Maggie and Jeanne! LOL Nope, just me being oblivious
when coming up with titles :D And Jeanne I love the idea of a knitted

Yeah... sometimes that good ol' filter on my brain just doesn't work and it
all comes out!

this is adorable! i just found your blog and i love it.

Thanks so much! And welcome!

haha! that's exactly the kind of advice I would give!!

Ha. I wouldn't exactly be qualified to give baby advice either. Your mobile looks great. How creative!

you made this?!?! I'm so impressed! What a great gift!

Tracy said...

I so love this! What a wonderful gift!!

Love it... not the comment, but the mobile. :)

Thelampshadestudio said...

So beautiful!

Alstrong said...

Tell your friend not to worry, babies actually need lots of sleep. The trick is getting yourself to sleep when they do. You'll be tired, but it's all good :)

Just found your blog thru batter splatters... I'm loving it!

Amy from Rochester :)

So glad you found me! Are you from Rochester NY?? Cause that's where I live!

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