PB Agave Vegan Cookies

I'm still cooking up a storm from vegan cookies invade your cookie jar... but I full admit I tweeked this recipe a bit too much... whoops. They are great to dunk in a glass of milk, but otherwise they were a bit too dry for my taste. I'll take another go at this one and then let you know what I did :)

In other news... have you heard of Warby Parker? They sell prescription eyeglasses for $95 and for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to a person in need! Go check them out, I'm in love with them, and the glasses are fabulous! I think I found a new fun pair to wear when I'm feeling a little more nerdy than usual. Whatcha think??

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7 chews:

I am loving those glasses. I've been looking for a nerdy pair (mike will LOVE that :)) and they have some seriously good options!

Jeanne said...

Nerdy glasses are the best. :)
(And the wall looks blue in the pictures. haha)

Oh come now... you know it's green in real life! :D

You should totally get a nerded out pair!!! Tell Mike "you're welcome" LOL

Bee said...

I always wanted glasses... too bad I have 20/20 vision, poo. Haha.

You can get them with glass! Problem solved hehe :)

Kimberlycun said...

you look cute! :)

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