Dresses that make you look pregnant

I fully admit it, some days I'm a walking fashion don't... lets take for example dresses that make you look pregnant. I've got at least three dresses like this kicking around in my closet.

WOW am I looking pale... yikes! The rain needs to stop so the sun can come out!

The dress had great intentions, for starters I loved the pattern, and the cute little button closure at the top... AND it was on sale. How could I say no?? But every time I put the dress on I'd feel a bit self conscious, especially while sitting, as the draping would sometimes billow in all the wrong places. I figured I was just being too self critical and kept on wearing it... until a certain someone who has been asked to be left unnamed told me I looked a good 2-3 months pregnant in this dress... Really?? That bad?? OK something needs to change!

The dress had elastic thread sewn in under the bust which made making this into a skirt super easy. One quick slice with a rotocutter and the skirt was free from the top! another quick hem to finish off the top and PRESTO CHANGO a new slimmer me was born!

This skirt is way more flattering on me than that dress was. LOOK I have a waist, it's not hiding anymore! Lets all repeat it together ladies. "I will not buy pregnant looking dresses... unless I'm with child"

Do you fall into shopping patterns of buying clothing that doesn't flatter your shape? What are you guilty of?

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Got any fun plans?

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I think I've got two dresses like that myself!  I never would have thought to turn them into skirts though!

RunningRicig said...

Dresses that make you look prego are just more comfortable. I have plenty. Mike hates them :)

Jeanne said...

OMG. Go-go-gadget super cute skirt! I *heart* it!! It looks great as a skirt and when paired with that belt. Love!!
I have at least one dress that I should do this to. Again, wish we lived the same city so you could help me!

I love the skirt so much more than I did the dress! You should totally go
for it too!

LOL! True they are comfy... but I don't want people thinking I'm pregnant

I wish you were closer too! We'd have full on recycle clothing parties!
Think of all the cute things we could make!

Jeanne said...

We'd have soooo many parties! And zillions of photo shoots. And lets not forget baking adventures! Hey. You think you can make cookies on a campfire??

hmmmm I think we'd need to make some kind of enclosed oven for cookies to
work... unless we made pancake like cookies LOL

I guess I'm guilty of buying blousy shirts that are too much like my maternity tops... I've lost all that baby weight, but still tend to hide behind shapeless clothes sometimes since they sort of dominate my wardrobe these days. :)

Hannah said...

I definitely love your adaption, but if *that* is a faux-pregnant look, then I'm in serious trouble over here! Yikes...

Janice said...

The skirt looks amazing! But I love dresses like that...hides my tummy :p

A Nest for All Seasons said...

haha...what a fun post!  I think it looks gorgeous as a skirt!

Reeni said...

I was just going through my summer stuff and I have two dresses like this. But they're so cool and comfortable I almost don't care! I love what you did with this - wish I had your skills!

Tracy said...

Love what you did with this dress! You're so creative!

Middlehm said...

I own this dress! And have the same problem!! Going to do this!

Lol that is hilarious! Send a pic once you are done and I'll post it! :)

JayNowicki said...

I bought four dresses like this a few summers ago (on sale v.v) and I had someone ask me how far a long I was while wearing one. After that they were sent to the back of the closet. This is a great idea though. Love it!

Keena Hutchens said...

I'm currently trying to explain this phenomenon to a guy friend, I have a dress or two like this that I never wear for that reason, but I may get up the nerve to try this on them- what could it hurt if I never wear them as it is?!

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