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Another new easy to make skirt!

I first saw this skirt over on Sewing in no mans land and fell in love. I love how flattering high waisted skirts can be! She also has the tutorial for a kids version of this skirt, so if you've got a little lady in your life you can whip one up for her too!

Love love love! Now my version has one big difference though... mine is a skirt and a belt, and hers is a one piece skirt. Here's why I went off track with this one... you see my waist is tiny... and my hips/thighs... are MUCH much larger... so to make the top wide enough to fit my bum through would have left a LOT of extra material open in the back... I needed elastic, so I made a simple skirt with an elastic waist and then followed the belt part but sewed the bottom part closed. Easy cheesy. Either way you make it though this sews up in a few hours and is so freaking cute everyone will flip for it!

Seriously how adorable is this thing!!??

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cathie avraam said...

yay!! that is the cutest Steph.  love the fabric choice aswell ♥

Jeanne said...

Love it, love it, LOVE it!
I really do have to make me one of these. You know... once I learn how to sew.

Thanks so much! You should totally make one up too, it was so easy! Now that
I know how to do it I want to make another one using some vintage fabric
that was my Nana's :)

RunningRicig said...

whoa I love that skirt! you look freaking cute!

Tracy said...

This is SO freaking cute!! I want to make one of these, but I've never made clothes before so I'm skerred lol!

With all the technique you are learning in quilting class i bet you'd
do it great!!

Bee said...

I have the same issue, tiny waist, big-ish butt and thighs. I'm not crafty enough to make my own skirts though! :)

Isn't finding clothing that fits the worst?? Lucky "Easy Rider" Jeans
(that's the only fit from Lucky that works though) fit me perfect!... but
they are $$$$ but worth it to have jeans that actually fit me without a

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh! I love this! SO CUTE!  I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

Emily said...

Gorgeous!  So cute

Sarah said...

That is an adorable skirt!! 

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