Meet up and pizza

Jeanne and I are always on a mission to see each other. So when she was going to be driving past Syracuse I had to drive out to meet her... we ended up switching the plan a bit and met in Auburn instead. The town looked like it use to be amazing, but has seen some hard times since...


We met at the library which was ADORABLE, old architecture, beautiful. Then we went walking the town seeing what there was to eat and catching up.

It looked tasty... but oh my... Jeanne's had SO much cheese and no pesto (it was olive oil and a dash of dried oregano) it was inedible... mine was at least edible... but VERY greasy.

Bad food or not we had a blast, I mean who else but your best bud can you take pictures like this with?

Jeanne also made me a fabulous bag! You can check it out here! GO see it's awesome!

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Jeanne said...

We are soooo ridiculous! Thanks so much for meeting up! We have to do it again sometime soon.

TimS said...

Oh, I wish I had known you were doing that! I could have recommended a couple of very fine places. Next time you're around Auburn, try this:

It's out a little ways from the town center (but Auburn isn't that big), and not only is their food completely locally grown, excellent, and the stuff they sell at the local farmer's market ROCKS! :)

Oh tim how I wish I had asked!! That place looks AMAZING!! and would have been sooo much better than where we went! Next time if we meet up around Auburn we're going there for sure!

Tracy said...

So fun! Although that stinks about her pizza. That bag is so super cute - I want one!! :-)

Alicia said...

That pizza looks so yummy! too bad it wasn't =( and that bag is super cute!

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