Thanksgiving Side Ideas

A healthy Thanksgiving is impossible you say? Not if you ask me or Cathy from What Would Cathy Eat? She's actually hosting a Healthy Thanksgiving Challenge and asking fellow bloggers to chime in with their healthy ideas! You can check out her tips here.

For my contribution I went back to two of my favorite standbys... roasted brussels sprouts and fiesta dip... not together though... that would be kinda nasty...

First off fiesta dip is the perfect appetizer, serve it with whole wheat pita chips or with bite sized raw veggies (celery is perfect for scooping). Or serve it as a first course over a bed of spinach, no dressing required! You'll be amazed at how many people inhale this stuff.

Now onto the main course. Roasted sprouts! Never fear these are not the boiled horrible smelling bland kind of your childhood. These are brought to a new tasty level with a very simple ingredients and a quick pop in the oven. If you try one new thing before the year is over, make it these, I promise you will be presently surprised.

Your turn what healthy things are you making for thanksgiving??

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