So you might have noticed the lack of posting Wednesday... and the total lack of a food post today... you see my life has gotten a little more filled up time wise. Nights spent baking away are now being spent hanging out with this cute girl.
And doing ridiculous things to her like making her wear my Warby Parkers and making John take pictures. Come on doesn't she look so studious in those things?
Happy Friday! Hope these made you laugh or at least smile :) What do you have planned this weekend?? Hope it's fun!

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8 chews:

Jeanne said...

Everyone looks amazing in WPs!

Stylish girl. Makes me wonder how I'd look in a pair, minus the whiskers.

You should order a trial set! They send you 5 for free, and it's free shipping both ways for you to try out (they have glass not a Rx in them) then you know what you really want to order :) I love mine! $95, and for every pair you buy they donate a pair to a person in need. Love the company! http://www.warbyparker.com/Home-Try-On

Wendylkelly said...

what a cute little girlie!!! love her

Shelley in HI said...

She's beautiful with your Warby's.  Hoss loves to help me cook...well he like to take bits of all the veggies I am cooking with.  He even likes onions ;)

Tracy said...

Haha so cute!! I love her already!! :-)

Love the glasses!

Hannah said...

Aww, what a sweetheart! Those photos are just precious.

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