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National Donate your Hair Day

Did you know National Donate your Hair Day is this Saturday (9-7-13)??? Looking to try something new with your hair?? Go for a big chop and donate it!! (you need a minimum of 8 inches, not bad right?? you could totally go do it!)

I've done the chop before, but this time I went shorter than ever... shorter than I've had since I was a small child actually. I was scared. I was in a state of uncertainty... because really, when you google short curly hairstyles, nothing too inspiring comes up. And what does looks like it's 80's fantastic. Not the look I was going for.

So here we go people. A before and after. Maybe this will inspire someone to donate too! You can read all the info on how to donate at Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

me mom and hobbes (not wanting to be in the photo)
sporting my nerd glasses

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5 chews:

Kari @ Running Ricig said...

Whoa!!! You're right about googling short curly hair styles. I had the same problem. You look great, though!

I was so freaking out when I went to do it... thankfully it's been awesome and I just use your friends noodle headbands when I'm working out. Love how easy it is! Maybe if yours was shorter in the back it wouldn't bother you as much when you ran :D I'm an instigator

Jeanne said...

I love your hair this length!! It looks sooo stylish. I think, at least.

Mom said...

It really is so stylish and flattering. I love it.

Kendra said...

I love it Steph! Beautiful and strong as always!

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