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Crochet Taxidermy


Doesn't get much more exciting than that does it? :) You see it started with me finding out there would be an ugly sweater day going on... and I don't take such challenges lightly. So I promptly went home and started googling ugly sweaters I could somehow make.

Inspiration struck when I came across this taxidermy reindeer head crochet pattern. The only issue, the pattern wasn't in english. So for all of you who would like to make one, and don't want to try and figure out how to translate the whole thing... scroll down for a few key hints/translations that will make this easy as pie for you to make.

Don't you love my 90's ski turtleneck? It was mine as a kid... hence why the sleeves are now so short.

This also goes great over a fireplace, quite the conversation starter. (I'm thinking of crocheting up a butt/tail to go on the left side... thoughts?)

OK back to that crochet pattern. Go to her site and then click on the orange link that says ""trophee_cerf_crochet_Anisbee" to download the PDF file. Listed below is a very very simple not full version of the pattern, go to her site to get the whole thing.

Here's the translation key:

ml = chain
ms = single crochet
mc = slip stitch

la tete is the head - worked in the round - start with magic circle with 6sc, (standard increases of 6 each round) until you reach 60, do another round of 60, then you decrease by 6 each round until you reach 42.

le museau is the muzzle - worked in the round (same as above) but only to 36... decrease according to her PDF

les oreilles are the ears - worked in rows. ch2 then 3sc into last on chain (turn). 2 sc into each sc. (turn)...

les bois are the antlers - worked in the round (increase in 3's each round- starting with a magic circle of 6)

It's a pretty straight forward pattern if you've ever made amigurumi characters before. Big BIG thanks to Anisbee for having this pattern up for free!!!

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Jeanne said...

I think you totally need another 2 heads up there. A polar bear?? A mouse? I mean... a moose? Too cute above the fireplace!

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