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Thank you to all the wonderful readers, as you may have noticed I haven't posted in ages. No worries though I'll keep the blog up so you can always come back to look up your favorite patterns and recipes!! Lots of love! Steph

Hello fellow readers and welcome! My name is Steph and I chow all the time... I get made fun of at work for it... because I'm always snacking on something (hence the blog name). I'm of the 6 small meals a day thinking and eat every three hours or so. This however was not always the case, I used to eat like crap and eat gigantic meals. Dinner would start off with a half loaf of bread and a huge hunk of cheese (this was the appetizer...), there were no whole grains, and fewer veggies... I've always been active (competitive swimmer starting at age 7) so weight gain wasn't a huge issue (although college brought out the heaviest of me) but as I hit my 20's I started realizing what all that bad food was probably doing to my insides.... That's when I started to learn more about eating healthy and working out in the gym. I do cardio (running, biking, elliptical) 6 days a week and lift weights twice a week. I've always had big muscular thighs... and starving myself isn't going to make them go away... so I learned to love all my parts and started eating for a healthy body! My Nana always said "everything in moderation" and I fully believe in that. There is no reason to starve or deprive yourself. You can have dessert and it can be bad for you... and then you can have a dessert like the ones I have here, that are TASTY and HEALTHY! Best of both worlds :) I invented a lot of these recipes due to my picky eating (fiance) now husband! John (love you). He wont eat anything with red meat, white flour, butter, or white sugar... so I needed to get creative... and with creativity comes some funny failures... and some amazingly delicious dishes!! Please enjoy, have fun, and let me know what you think!!

Other random about me: I like to do anything outdoors (hike/camp), I placed second in NY state in an archery competition (watch out I'm a good shot!), I throw pottery (on the wheel- not at people), I like to crochet and sew, COOK/BAKE (of course), play ultimate frisbee, lift weights, ski/snow board, read...and so on...

me and john

I need to give a shout out to John. He is the person who taught me to really love who I am, mind and body, and to discover hobbies I never knew I was interested in. It was his love and support that led to this blog along with other amazing growths in my life. I just want to say thank you and let everyone know it. *bleehhh* (sound of all you reading throwing up)

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Anonymous said...

he sounds like a jem!! smooch!

- ber :)

Hi Stephanie Your blog caught my eye when you wrote I am a 50's housewife in a 20something body (or something like that) Oh joy I was born in 1950 & it never really bothered me UNTIL I WENT TO SIGN UP FOR AUSTRALIA'S nest MASTERCHEF WHICH WILL GO TO AIR IN APRIL 2010) Being born a baby boomer has never bothered me before as I've grown old well People do not believe me when I say how old I am BUT now I feel like the old girl in town ANYWAY Just wanted to say THANKS YOU (your comment) MADE MY DAY Have a great weekend Krystyna in Sydney

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Lyss said...

Hi - I found your blog searching for healthy recipies. I love it! I was wondering - you seem to use baby food as a substitution... for butter? Is that right? How do you decide on the amount and flavor? I am just beginning to get into cooking/baking and would like to keep things as whole-grain & healthy as possible. Thanks!

stephchows said...

Krystyna Cooks- thank you so much!!

Lyss- Hi Lyss and welcome! You are exactly right, I use baby food or other fruit or veggie purees instead of butter. As for the amount and flavor, it's all in experimenting! Apple sauce is pretty flavor neutral so works great in most things, but if you are looking for a thicker consistency I like to use prunes. Prunes also pair well with anything chocolate. I used carrot baby food in carrot cake cookies for obvious reasons :)

As for the proportions, I kinda do it by look and feel of the batter, and experiment along the way. If you have a recipe in mind send me an email with it, and I'll do it up steph chows style :D

Anonymous said...

hi Stephanie, just found your blog and love your posts and pictures! :) looking forward to read more!

stephchows said...

balancejoyanddelicias- welcome and thank you! I can't wait to check your page!

Michelle said...

Hi Stephanie!!
I just stumbled upon your blog and I love everything Steph Chows is about!! Your recipes are fantastic (I love to cook and bake too!! Can’t wait to try those pumpkin CC cookies!) and the food pictures are making me wanna drool!! Love your attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and can’t wait to read more!! 

Hi Stephanie,
You blog looks amazing. The images and recipes all look so yummy. I am looking forward to trying them out soon.


Mo said...

Hi, Steph! I know you're moving right now so I don't expect an answer right away, but I just started my food blog yesterday and I wanted to ask you for help since your blog was the first one I ever subscribed to... :)
What kind of camera do you have? I have a pretty standard one that's not fancy at all but still takes pictures that range from pretty good to crappy, and apparently not good enough according to Tastespotting or Foodgawker (not sharp, the composition is off, the content isn't interesting... that last one I'm kind of mad about because I liked that picture and it was totally interesting =P). I know I'll learn how to take better photographs over time, but I was wondering if you had any tips for someone starting out?

Thanks so much, and I hope you're enjoying your new house!


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

I work for Salt Communications. You recently posted something about one of our events, Almost Famous Chef Competition. We are trying to receive an accurate count of our impressions and I was hoping you would be able to provide me with a circulation number for your website.

I look forward to hearing back from you, thank you. Great blog!!



Stephanie said...

Hey Steph,

Steph #2 here. :) I stumbled upon your blog while looking through Google reader's suggestions for me and just love it. I wish I could have come up with a clever name for my blog, but it looks like another Steph beat me to it. I get made fun of for eating all day too, so it's all good.

Your blog is awesome, and some of your recipes are making me want to go home and jump right into the kitchen. I'm adding you to my Google reader right away, and can't wait to get frequent updates from your blog. :)

Anonymous said...


Veronica said...

Hi there,
I found your blog via recipezaar. What a great blog! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

I love your "About" section. I agree with your points of view. Eat what you want, make it yourself, eat in moderation. CHEERS to happy, healthy living!

Christine said...

Hi Steph!
I found your blog through Tracy. I love your style and attitude toward healthy living and of course, eating! Great recipes and great blogging voice. :)
I made it to the bottom of your blog and saw the clever little disclaimers you wrote there. Made me laugh and so smart, too!
Take care!

I love your "About" section. I agree with your points of view. Eat what you want, make it yourself, eat in moderation. CHEERS to happy, healthy living!

Rice Kernel said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog - I only recently started memorializing my recipes, which are mostly wholesome (not always!). I share your cooking and exercise tendencies and look forward to working my way through your recipes.

Thank you so much! It's always fun meeting people with similar chowing
tendencies! Can't wait to go check out yours as well :)

Jessboyd1009 said...

All these recipes look great! I want to start cooking now but its 2:38 AM lol!

I fully admit I have definitely grocery shopped at that time of night... so
I've probably also been baking that late too! LOL Thanks for visiting!

Pakhieka said...

please give your email address

It's right above in the last line of the about section stephchows (at) feel free to email me with any questions or concerns!

Paula in the UP said...

Glad to have  found your blog!  The recipes all look yummy and I can't wait try out a few.  I just learned that I have high cholesterol and triglycerides so I NEED to eat healthier!!  I like to start from the beginning so that's where I'm heading now....

Awesome! Hope you enjoy working your way through all the recipes :)

Tamara Manning said...

Oh, I think I am going to have fun on your site! Our family just decided about a month ago to make some changes in our eating habits, and looking at your blog, it seems like you are where I want to be when I "grow up." I can't wait to try some of these yummy recipes!

Tom said...

Hi Stephanie,

I love your blog! I'd love to see if there's some way we could collaborate with our sites. I'm open to guest blogging and whatever else you think would help spread the message of good health and nutrition.

Check out my blog below and let me know if you're interested.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you.

Wishing you wellness,

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Debbie said...

Hi Steph, I could swear that I received an email about this years jam exchange while I was out of town recently but can't find it now! Can you resend it...I LOVE doing it! Thanks,

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