Blueberry Hill Inn - Part 1

Blueberry Hill Inn, taken from the sauna, looking across the pond.

Hey guys! Matthew Kendra and I had a great time at Blueberry Hill Inn this weekend. Blueberry Hill is a bed and breakfast tucked in the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area in Goshen Vermont (a little north of Rutland). The views are breathtaking, surrounded by mountains and miles of hiking trails, cross country ski trails, and peace and quiet... this place is pure relaxation. The air is so fresh and crisp and you will always smell something delicious wafting invitingly from the kitchen. Tim is the chef of the house and is a transplant from England, his style of food always has a unique flare and never disappoints.

The Inn is known for its chocolate chip cookies, you can order them here. As a guest of the Inn you have full access to the bottomless cookie jar, located conveniently next to the never ending coffee pot and the drawer fulls of every type of tea you could imagine. I found myself visiting this spot many times over the weekend. Although the best time to visit it, is as the cookies are coming out of the oven, there's nothing better then a big warm melty cookie!

If you live in Vermont or want to go on a wonderful vacation you should 100% go to Blueberry Hill. Tony the owner is fantastic and has a wonderful sense of humor. Paige the inn keeper is always around to help and enjoy in a good story over a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

There are rooms of all types and sizes. Paige put us in the little cabin to the side of the house which has a little sitting area, a loft with 2 twin beds upstairs, and a queen downstairs. Lots of room! There are loft style rooms (great for a family with kids) in the house as well, along with rooms for couples and rooms with two twin beds, perfect for friends traveling together.

Matthew doing his best Vanna White impression :)

The house also has a great watch dog Griffin (not sure if that's spelled correctly) He is the biggest teddy bear!

Kendra giving Griff a little bit of love

There were lots of good hikes and shananigans going on about the weekend, here is a sampling of some of the pictures. Stories of all the amazing food to come later in the week!

Kendra and myself out on the trails for a morning walk

Kendra asked Matthew nicely to move out of the way... he didn't sad

Breakfast sunday morning

More of the weekend crew!

I don't know what you are talking about... I definitely didn't push Matthew off the bridge...

Well once Matthew was off the bridge we had to take a picture... yeah a 10 second timer isn't enough for me to click it and then run off the bridge down the embankment and then pose with Matthew... I'm the red blur to the left hahahaha.

More stories, chow and pictures to come tomorrow!!

4 chews:

Meg said...

What a fabulous place! Yum..warm melty chocolate chip cookies!

Wendy said...

mmm i totally gotta go sometime... it looks amazing there. I love the pic of you running down into the creek.

Matthew said...

Who was that wild man on the bridge?? He definitely deserved to get pushed off!!!

Chef E said...

I love funny pics like the bridge! You guys looked like you were having fun -E

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