Blueberry Hill Inn - Part 2

Now I know you all came back to see all the glorious food pictures from our weekend in Vermont at Blueberry Hill Inn. Tim is an amazing chef and I guarantee these pictures will leave you drooling... so you probably should cover your keyboard in plastic wrap!

We arrived Friday right on time for dinner. We started with a glorious cheese platter that was demolished before I could get a good picture. We all hunkered down with our various wines and awaited for dinner while munching on a wonderful assortment of sharp cheddar, brie, blue, and other cheeses. Soon after we found ourselves with beautiful bowlfuls of butternut squash soup with hot fresh rolls from the oven.

warm soup and crusty bread on a cold night... nothing better

Next came a chicken pot pie with the flakiest buttery crust accompanied by broccoli and baked potatoes.

For dessert blueberry crisp made from none other than blueberry hill blueberries. MMMMM

blueberry crisp, ice cream, a glass of red wine... it's a good end to a day!

We spent the night chatting with the other people staying at the Inn, some faces were familiar from last year, others were new. It was great to catch up with old friends and to learn about some new interesting people. After all the wine was gone everyone headed to their rooms for a peaceful nights sleep.

Matthew Kendra and I woke up early to get a hike in before the day began, we arrived back to the Inn with the smell of apple wood smoked bacon wafting up the trail... our pace quickened a bit to make it in time for breakfast!

Awaiting us was a glorious spread of fresh fruit, hot croissants, french toast with a fresh blueberry compote, bacon, and hot coffee.

Kendra's spread of chow... she should have taken more bacon it was delicious!
Come back tomorrow to hear about Saturday's lunch and dinner!

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Meg said...

That blueberry crisp looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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