Grilled Cheese and Asparagus

Grilled cheese, what's not to like... carbs, cheese, butter... yeah, not so much health food, but still tasty!

So what to do to health this one up...
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Shred your cheese (taste goes WAY farther this way without using as much)
  • Add a condiment to kick up the flavor (my choice: mustard!! and I don't mean the crap neon yellow stuff)
  • Add a heaping side of grilled veggies
  • Grill it in a pan with a tiny tiny bit of butter, or a light spray of olive oil
So I introduce you to mr grilled cheese:

Why hello there good are you today.... ok enough small talk, lets chow!

12 chews:

looks great and healthy with the asparagus, love it

shrd. chz is SUCH a great idea!! never thought of it :) but you're right, would help cover the area without kicking up the calorie count. smart!

just saw your coffee post below-- I am so happy for you and your coffee. I need to find a friend like tim.

Pearl said...

shredding the cheese for the cheese sammie is such a good idea!

Marta said...

I've actually never been a melted cheese fan... maybe that's why I don't like pizza. Oh wait, did I share that? Now people will think I'm weird! Oh well, I couldn't conceal it forever ;)
What I am a fan of is veggies, lots of them, especially pan-grilled with butter. I'd be the perfect person to share this meal with, I'd give away the sandwich and take the veggies! Yums!

Healthy, unhealthy I'll take a grilled cheese any way I can get it. Yum!

That bread looks so hearty! What kind is it?

stephchows said...

Glad everyone is liking the looks of it!!

Marta- really no melted cheese?? Oh well more for me :) I'd share my veggies with you too :)

Duo- The bread was super tasty! It's a honey wheat and I picked it up from a local bakery at the public market, $2.50 for a huge loaf of it! Can't beat that :)

Steph said...

I love your version of grilled cheese!

Reeni♥ said...

I saw a cheese sandwich with the asparagus right on it. I think it was brie. But this is a good way to balance out the grilled cheese. MMMMMMMM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to serve asparagus with grilled cheese. I will do that when I make it for my daughter next time.

Jennifer said...

now that is one awesome looking, hearty grilled cheese!!! yum!!!

Travis said...

That honey wheat bread does look delicious. Even better that it's locally made, but it means I can't have any. However I've started having affairs with Vital Vittles bread that I get from Rainbow Grocery here in SF ( It makes superb grilled cheese samditches. Hey Steph, you think you might spark a discussion about bread here some time? I'm curious what everyone eats.

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