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Foodbuzz 24 24 24: We be jammin'

Eating local has become all the rage, so why not make it truly local and go pick your own food from the farm!? This is what I proposed to Foodbuzz and they happily agreed to play along! Rochester NY has the best of both worlds, a decent sized city with tons of great places to eat, and farms just outside of town. With so many small farms near by it was hard to choose! We ended up at Green Acre farms where they had two varieties of strawberries to pick.

Big juicy ones (Cabot), and smaller sweeter ones (Early Dawn). We had to give both a little try!

Once loaded up with lbs upon lbs of strawberries (I on my own came home with 10 lbs!) we hit the road back to our kitchens to see what we could come up with for a mellow brunch celebrating strawberries.

perfect weather, sunny, no too hot or humid... much better then the hail storms that happened on friday!

We started things off with some strawberry pancakes. Strawberries inside and out! We got the recipe from Baking Bites here. A few changes were made, like the use of 1 Tbs apple sauce instead of the butter and a little vanilla extract added in for good measure. They were wicked good, although a bit on the flat side, but oh so tasty!

Next we moved onto some strawberry muffins! (because come on, we all know I love carbs!) My blueberry muffin recipe was used and then whole strawberries were pushed into the center of each muffin once it was in the pan. The strawberries cooked and turned into a fun jam center!

From here we traveled onto dessert with a strawberry pie made by John! I'd tell you what's in it but John wants to do a guest blog about it! So stay tuned :)

If you didn't have enough sweets by this point feel free to have a sip of my deliciously refreshing strawberry amaretto twister. It's made with a combo of strawberries, breyers slow churn vanilla ice cream, amaretto, and some ice. Toss it all in the blender and it's GO TIME!! What's that you say... it's brunch... I shouldn't be drinking yet... whooops.

Oh and how did I almost forget about the jam!!! Seriously now! It's making home made strawberry jam that was the initial inspiration for this!! A "how to" is going to come later this week so stay tuned! Jam is the perfect parting gift for a party like this. Everyone goes home with a little bit of the party with them :)

While you wait for the jam recipe check out the deliciously luscious jam foam in action... a topper for a little oatmeal perhaps?? YUM! Because why waste all that lovely foam you skim off the top of your boiling jam?

Thank you again Foodbuzz for making this all possible! As you can see, we all had a blast and can't wait to do it again!

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Lori said...

Yum! Strawberries are my favorite fruit!

Reeni said...

It's strawberry heaven over here! What fun! Everything looks scrumptious! I would of needed a nap after all that strawberry picking and eating!

Steph said...

Your post just made me run to the fridge and eat some strawberries we bought today! There goes another container of strawberries for me.

what a fun post great job

Ann said...

Wow, that's so fun! It'll be interesting to read John's post. I can't imagine my husband making anything and talking about it. He made me hash browns once and put slices of cheese all over it (way too cheesy) - you lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Strawberry picking is so much fun and all the strawberry treats are wonderfully delicious!

Cucinista said...

Great post! I love making jam -- just discovered it recently -- but my real problem is not eating the fruit before it makes it on to my stove for jam. I could eat fresh berries all day long. Who needs Ben & Jerry's?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun strawberry day....I always play Bob Marley when I'm jammin'....we're jammin' and jammin' and jammin' and jammin'...and we hope you like jammin', too!
Peace, Stephanie

Sunshine said...

Oh man, this is awesome. I made strawberry tartlettes last night, and they didn't come out nearly as good as what you made.

Megan said...

What fun you had. I always but strawberries from our local patch but I have never actually picked them. That smoothy sounds wichedly good! :) And who would of thought to put the foam on oatmeal?

stephchows said...

I told you it was full on strawberries :) I'm glad to inspire you all to go chow some berries!!

Ann- John is a trip haha and a good cook! I'm wicked lucky :) here's an example of his blog work haha

Cucinista- that is so the reason I picked 10 lbs hahah I've already eaten a TON!

stephanie- I totally had Bob in mind when I named this LOL. I actually taught some of his grand kids swim lessons back in NJ when I was a swim teacher, wicked fun!

sunshine- bummer!!! I hate when things don't turn out right! you'll get them next time for sure!

megan- totally give picking a try if you have a chance, it's so rewarding :)

Kristen said...

Looking forward to the jam how-to!

Definitely want to see that jam recipe. It's the twister that really grabs attention. Ice cream, berries, amaretto! Great 24 post!

Steph, quite simply, I want it all! The pancakes, the muffins, the pie, OMG - it all looks so delicious. And, you know I'm all over that yummy looking drink. It sounds *amazing*!

I always love to see my friends on the 24, 24, 24 and you've outdone yourself again. Congrats!

I'll be waiting for that guest post from John ... while sipping on your luscious concoction!

Anne said...

I love berry picking! I can't wait til we can go blueberry picking soon. All your strawberry creations look great! I can't wait for the jam how-to :)

Betsy said...

How ambitious!! And what fun. :) Everything looks beautifully delicious.

Stacey said...

Oh my gosh, you are SO lucky to have so many farms so close to you. Appreciate it because we don't have shit here in central Florida! Well, except orange groves. Wanna trade? :)

stephchows said...

Kristen and Duo Dishes- it's up now!

Diva- John loves how excited you get, it totally pumps him up lol!

Anne- I can't wait for blueberry season either!! So much fun!

Betsy- thanks! It really was fun :)

Stacey- Awww! I'd totally send you stuff from up here :) Oranges would be easy to ship :) berries might be a bit moooshed by the time they got to you though... but if you want to do a jam exchange... check out todays post!!

Jennifer said...

It's strawberry season here too and Im loving it! Great times it looks like and AWESOME recipes!! That cream pie...!

Sara said...

Love strawberries, what a great idea! I can never come up with anything unique enough for 24 24 24 :)

I love u-pick farms! Such great ideas you have for what to make with all the bounty.
I'd love to see the recipe for that pie!

stephchows said...

Jennifer- thanks!

Sara- Oh I bet you could come up with some ideas! Give it a try!

Nurit- The post is actually up! Here is the link:

Anonymous said...
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