Sauce Night

Sunday is big sauce night in our house... this past week. Red sauce with spicy chicken sausage, shrimp and mushrooms... *swoon* Now that is one quick and satisfying dinner!

8 chews:

Joy said...

It has everything! How satisfying!

Astra Libris said...

Soooo cozy and scrumptious! :-)

Excellent, I'll be there this Sunday ... what time is dinner? ;)

Sounds delicious! I love sauce night!

Pam said...

Sounds like my kind of sauce!

Chicken and shrimp are actually a nice combination, especially with a red sauce. Any white sauces made on Sundays?

Kat said...

love it. and absolutely love the photo you posted, it's beautiful!

stephchows said...

I love sauce night :)

Duo Dishes- we are total red sauce people. John can't stand creamy sauces and I love red way more than white :)

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