Secrets of a Skinny Chef

So I got an awesome book in the mail the other day.. Secrets of a Skinny Chef by Jennifer Iserloh. The recipes are totally my style the only bummer is not every recipe comes with a picture :( But don't let that stop you from making all of her tasty treats.

After paging through every last page of the book I decided on the chicken enchiladas! They have an italian twist to them which had me a little worried at first but soon enough I realized these were a golden recipe! They came together quick and off they went into the fridge until later that night when we were ready to eat. A quick 20 minute trip in the oven and perfecto!!

The guts of these things were cubed chicken, mushrooms, red bell pepper, thyme, rosemary, low fat ricotta cheese, some low fat mozzarella... then you wrap that all up in whole wheat tortillas and slather on a can of enchilada sauce and some more cheese! YUM!

Now the sad part of this is the same company sent me another amazing cookbook awhile ago...Actually I'm a bit embarrassed by how long ago it was... I happily drooled through all the pictures but have YET to make anything from it! Michael Symon's Live to Cook is an amazing book.

You see the thing is most of these recipes involve pork... mmmm pork! But John doesn't eat piggies... so I haven't had a night where I feel like making something from here for me, and something else for him... but I'm telling you, this book is droolworthy for sure!!

I also love this book since every recipe has beautiful pictures... love love love it!

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Astra Libris said...

Steph, these enchaladas look AMAZING!!! Tex-Mex and Italian all in one dish?! YES please!! :-)

Megan said...

These do look amazing. I'm with you, I'm a visual reader. I want pictures of the food. I wont read a blog without pictures either.

Lisa said...

Because I'm new-ish to cooking, I really love cookbooks that feature pictures of all the recipes along with nutritional facts. Unfortunately, I find a lot of books that sounds great don't have one or either of these things. It's often disappointing but I want to know what it should look like and what I'm consuming!

This recipe you made looks fantastic!

stephchows said...

Lisa a great resource for figuring out calories in a recipe is this gadget here, so cool!

Ang said...

Those look like great cookbooks. I love pictures of the recipes too!

Joy said...

I love cookbooks! I am not a pork eater, so I will bags the first one!!!!!
I will look out for it. Cheers!

Mags said...

Your enchiladas look amazing. I love it when someone takes a traditional recipe and "skinnies" it up. Most of the time it's just a matter of using lower-fat options of an ingredient or just plain using less of them.

Megan said...

Make the brussels sprouts from the Michael Symon's book! They are soooo good! I made them for New Year's Eve, and they went over realy well.

The enchiladas look great!

Katie said...

Woah, those enchiladas do NOT look low-fat at all! I want to make them, NOW.

The enchiladas look awesome! And Michael Symon's book is on my wish list. I don't eat much pork either so maybe I'll have to pass on it.

Both of these recipes book look wonderful--I'd love to have both of them in my collection :-)

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