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Jam Exchange Sign Up Time!!!

Thanks to the over 100 people who signed up this year! If you missed the deadline make sure to come back next year!!

It's that time of year again, jam making time!!!! I've gotten a few emails from previous entrants and a few newbies who want to join in on the fun! I'm so excited to host this again and can't wait to see what people come up with this year!

Here are the "rules"

  1. You do NOT need to have a blog to participate! Everyone is welcome to join in!
  2. You must be willing to mail two 1/2 pint jars of any kind of jam your little heart desires to your given person. (yes they can both be the same kind of jam)
  3. You must sign up with me so I can make sure to pair you with someone! Email me at stephchows (at) gmail (dot) com with the following:
    Your name and mailing address
    Blog URL if you have one (see rule 1... you DO NOT need one)
    If you would be ok with mailing internationally (most likely just to Canada) or if you want to stick domestic (USA) (totally ok either way you choose) I figure if you agree to ship international, I'll pair someone international to send back to you so it's a fair trade.
  4. If you would like your jam included in the final roundup email me a picture of it and a link to a blog entry if you have one up, or just email me to let me know what you sent/received.

Deadline to send me your info: August 11th (my birthday!)
I will contact you with your jam partner by August 22nd
You have until September 10th to mail said jam to said person. You can mail as early as you like though, so if you have your jam ready to go on the 22nd when I email you... go for it and mail it! Or if you are a procrastinator... wait till the 10th to mail it... either way works :) Just please make sure to mail it so no one is left out!

What's that? You've never made jam before? Well then this is a darn good excuse to learn right? Read more about my adventures in jammin' here.

OH and feel free to grab the image above and blog about the exchange to get the word out there and more peeps involved :) Just link back to me :) Or you can tweet about it... or facebook... or do smoke signals... whatever floats your boat :)

Ready... set... GO!!!!

Your email will never be displayed publicly, so don't be scared to comment! :)

46 chews:

I've already started "jamming!" Thanks for hosting such a fun exchange. :)

Rachel said...

ooh ooh! Count me in! I want to make jam!

Jeanne said...

Love your jam exchange! Glad you are having another one!!

Denise said...

I would love to do this. Gonna FB message you my details. :)

GettingFreedom said...

How exciting!  I have to join in!

i am totally down for this!!!

Bethanneleach said...

Yay! I can't wait! We will be moved by then and I'll have a new kitchen to can in!

Samantha Gorelick said...

I am so excited about this!!! When is the deadline for letting you know what type of jam we send/receive?

Lori Kimble said...

I would love to participate again!  I am going blueberry picking this week!

Angela Watts said...

Oh so very tempting....

Tracy said...

Oh you know I am in this year! Can't wait!! :-)

I am SOOOO stoked for this Jam Exchange. How cool!

Melissa said...

How do I go about letting you know that I'd like to participate?

Yay! Excited for my second foray into the jam exchange.

Christina said...

I just started making jam.  I think I might have to sign up.  And we have the same birthday! :)

Just email me your info and make sure to send your jam out by sept 10th! As
for pictures if you can get them to me within a week or so of Sept 10th that
would be great! Hope you sign up! (and if you did awesome! I have 40
messages in my inbox and need to start getting them into excel!) YEAH!

Just email me your name, shipping address, blog URL if you have one, and if
you want to do domestic or international shipping :) (and if you did
awesome! I have 40 messages in my inbox and need to start getting them into

April S said...

This is fabulous! Thanks for hosting this.

How fun!! Another girl who did the exchange last year also has our birthday
too! So fun!

Bee said...

Jam and/or Something Canned is on my summer to-cook list... but I think I need to perfect it a bit before I start giving gifts. Interested as to how it'll turn out though!

I love this idea...count me in.

Oh I'm sure you'd do great!

Awesome! Just make sure to email me all your details!

Claire said...

I already have the jams in mind I want to send!!  What an Excellent idea :)

Hi Steph, I just found your blog and jam exchange via Lori's Finding Radiance.  OMG...I'm so excited that I'm in Canada and can participate.  (I'm happy to ship to the states or wherever!)  I'll email you my info from home. 

Fabulous!! And I have a person in Canada who wanted to stick to shipping in
Canada so it might be even easier for you shipping wise!

Steve2inLA said...

I'm in.  But shipping costs from the US to Canada were silly last year.  Can I swap with somebody in the States this time?  My jars are ready to go.  Just let me know who my victim . . . uh, PARTNER is this time.  Thanks.

Debltft1 said...

Sign me up for a domestic jam pal!

I didn't realize how bad they were! I'm going to try to pair up all of
Canada together and all of the US together, and I promise I wont ask you to
send to anywhere but the US :) Can't wait to see what your garden is
producing this year!! Glad to hear I didn't scare you off!

Danielle said...

Count me in!  Last year's exchange was so much fun!! :)

I would like to participate again this year.

-the redhead-

PS - my birthday is Aug. 9th ;)

Catie Herman said...

I'd love to participate!

Samantha said...

i want to participate, this was my first summer of canning. but was wondering do you have to send a jam or could it be a jelly/butter/preserve/etc.???

I'd love to participate as well! 

It can be jam jelly butters whatever you want! :)

Awesome! Just send me an email at stephchows at with your address
and I'll add you to the list!

Winemaker23 said...

Sign me up! emailed my info, ready to try some jamming!

Kari K said...

Oh yes!  This sounds fantastic.  I would love to join in the fun.

I am so fired up for this jam exchange!  Mondo brilliant idea!!!

Katie Albert said...

Just emailed with my info

Antifreesz said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Steve2 in LA said...

As they we say here in SoCal, "¡Feliz cumpleaƱos!" (I have NO idea what that means but if it works, take it.)  Keep on jammin'!

Thanks! I keep meaning to write and say the jams look amazing! Haven't cracked into them yet but I can't wait to!!! You and your wife are adorable :)

Amy said...

Have you completed the round up yet?  If it isn't too late, I'll get you the info!

You can totally still send me your stuff I just got started working on it last night! :)

KatieAlbert said...

I didn't receive anything from my jam partner, so if anyone would like to do a belated jam exchange with me, I'd so appreciate it.

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