Fire toasted grilled pizza

I've made grilled pizza in my back yard before... but what about grilling pizza at your camp site over an open flame? Game ON.

I cheated and packed a pan.. and wegmans whole wheat dough. A little sauce some cheese and yellow peppers later we were ready to go.

Don't you think pizza taste better when you have a nice backdrop like this?

We used a tin foil tent to help the top cook. We got the crispest best crust I've ever had. AMAZING. Although next time I'd grill the dough on one side, take it off the fire, flip it over, then put all the sauce and toppings on. There's always next year :)

*drool* Ever made pizza on a camp fire before??

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16 chews:

have you ever tried it where you just put the dough on the grill with no pizza pan? I'm too scared. also, I don't have a grill

I totally have at home! Not knowing what was on that camp grill made me want to use a pan :D I love making it straight on my gas grill though :)

Katie said...

I'd eat anything with "fire" and "toasted" in the recipe title!

Jeanne said...

I want more fire pizza RIGHT NOW. It was soooo good!! :) 

ahh awesome! totally trying this next time we go camping!!

Camping and pizza sound like a beautiful combination!  Grill-fired pizza is definitely a new spin on the wood-fired kind.  That looks awesome.

Margaret Tripp said...

Great it.  Heading to the lake next week and may just try this. Like the tip about cooking it and flipping it before adding the toppings.
Really looks good and everything tastes better in a beautiful setting like that ;-)

Barbara said...

I think you are one cool chick to do this!  I would never have thought of it!  It looks and sounds just great!

Have a wonderful time out at the lake! I'm sure you'll enjoy this :)

Pizza DEFINITELY tastes better with a lake in the background! I love your knife and fork, too :) Perfect idea for a campfire!

Laura Mueller said...

This pizza looks delicious! I love the idea of pizza over a campfire. Awesome!

Bee said...

Dear lady, my home computer doesn't like disqus and won't let me comment here anymore! So now I must be sneaky and use my work computer to tell you how wonderful you and your recipes are :) My friend and I attempted grilled pizza this past weekend. It was lovely! Didn't think of using a pan though, that's a fun cheat!

So weird that you can't comment at home?? I wonder if that is happening with other ppl I feel like I don't really get comments anymore :( thanks so much for writing from work, you rock!!

Tracy said...

I haven't grilled pizza over a campfire before, but I have done it on our grill (that's how I ruined our pizza pan, lol!). I just love, love, love the crispy crust! Yours looks lovely!!

Whoops about ruining the pan! LOL but you are right it is SO crisp I love it!!

Hannah said...

The grill pizza pan is a great idea... I usually just throw mine right one the grates, but it does tend to blacken in certain spots.

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