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Crochet fox hat!

You know when you find a great crochet pattern and you want to make it right away? THIS is one of those patterns. And it's free too! I saw this on ravelry (this is a generic link to ravelry because I love the site and want you to know about it, it's free to sign up and totally addicting!! so many patterns! The direct link to the pattern can be found below), added it to my favorites, and then went home and made one for a friend who just had a baby. Only issue was I didn't have any fox red yarn... so I improvised and made a wolf!

Pretty cute huh?
I must admit though I'm rather lazy. The ears for one required sewing 2 different pieces and then sewing them together, as you can see I skipped that part and just made them a solid color.

Another lazy thing about me, I don't like weaving in ends, so instead when I changed to the white I just kept the grey yarn in the middle of my white stitches. Take a look below, I put in a piece of red so you could see how I hid the grey so I could pick it up on the other end of the white section. This also means that at the end of this round instead of going in the round again I turned my project and worked back to where I left my white waiting. Easy right? And less ends to sew in!

Of course after I was done with the grey yarn I ran to the store to get some fox red. And then I made a whole litter of fox pups! A few have gone out to friends expecting and the rest were donated to a local center that helps new moms. I've still got some red left so you can bet I'll be making some more of these :)

You can find the crochet fox pattern here. She's got a bunch of other ones too that are great! If you scroll to the comments you will see someone figured out how to make it in newborn size.

If you're looking for a solution for a 2 year old I used the same big kid pattern but a G hook for the whole thing (ended up measuring 19 inches for the head. It's for a coworkers kid, I hope they like it!

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2 chews:

Jeanne said...

Love! These are soooo cute!

Haberdashery Fun said...

This is way tooooo cute. I'm going to show my mother in law in hope she makes us one!! Thanks for sharing.. Really awesome.

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