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Guys! Hi, how have you been? I've been busy. You probably guessed that. BUT I have a fun post about glasses for you, and you know this girl, she rocks glasses frames every day of the week. Seriously I feel naked without them. Give me a reason to change things up and I'm down for it!

That's why I'm doing a collaboration with Glasses Shop today. They let me pick a pair for free and I'm writing a post with 100% my opinions. With tons of frames to choose from I narrowed it down to this pair.

Love them! I do wish the site had a way to search by nose width/stem length/lens width... but maybe that's just the numbers nerd in me. I know what ratio fits me well and found some great frames I loved but unfortunately the size wasn't right for me. A tool that allows you to find your range quick would be a great addition.

Need glasses? use this 50% off code GSHOT50 and try a new pair from Glasses Shop!

They also have prescription sunglasses too!

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