Microwaved eggs?

I'm not a fast food eater. I think the last time I was at a McDonalds or something to that effect was a good 6 years ago ... and that time was because I had no other option, a friend's mom brought us out to eat and that's where she brought us. So it would have been rude to refuse. Before that one day (oh the belly pains) I hadn't had fast food probably 3 years prior. Not to say I didn't have my love afair with big macs when I was a kid. I was a swimmer, and I ate me weight in food most days haha. What's that you say two big macs and a large fry? Bring it on. Oh but not anymore, I think it would kill me hehe.

Back to the microwaved eggs. Egg mcmuffins were another tasty thing the old fast food eating me liked. Even though fast food and I broke up all those years ago, I still think about those egg mcmuffins sometimes... so what's a girl to do? Make her own! I mean it's not rocket science!

AND if you have a handy dandy egg microwaver from the 60's or 70's that you found in the attick of your parents house... you're in luck! Actually you're all in luck, Amazon seems to sell them here. Mine looks more old school, but same concept.

Whole wheat english muffins toasted up. Some Jennie-O lean turkey bacon. Fat free cheddar slices (or part skim, or full fat) this is an occasioin that the fat free kind doesn't weird me out. Wegmans has a fat free cheddar slice that actually melts and tastes pretty darn good! Plus we all know mcdonalds cheese isn't real... or is it?? It can't be...

Anyway you can just crack an egg into each side, or in my case scramble up one whole egg with an egg white and dump half into each side. Microwave it up, and you have authentic circular eggs just like your favorite fast food place. Much healthier, and in my opinion tastier!


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Meg said...

YUM! I used to microwave eggs like this all the time before I found out about my egg allergies.

mmmm that looks so good!! I'm the complete opposite-- could eat McDonald's every single day... but in attempts to be healthy and not tempt my metabolism to slow, I've been trying to limit the fast food. Homemade egg mcmuffin? Sounds like the perfect way to avoid those Saturday morning McDonald's breakfast cravings :)

Maria said...

I don't eat eggs plain, but my hubby would love one of those sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

You need to go shopping in our attic more often. Glad you put it to use.

I don't eat fast food either, but I'm not above making my own egg mcMuffin from time to time. Long ago I feel victim to the Egg-wave info-mercial and ordered one. Even so, I never really mastered the art of micro-eggery. These days I tend to fry my egg in a tiny bit of olive oil for the mcMuffin. I'm there with you on the whole wheat EM and the low or fat-free cheese. Sometimes I'll even go a little crazy and use soy cheese! LOL

Reeni♥ said...

Not into fast food either, it doesn't taste good anymore after eating home cooked food. Yummmm, love the sandwich!

Sara said...

I don't think I've ever microwaved eggs before!

Emily said...

Yum! These look great. I've never tried turkey bacon before. I think I'd like it though.

Ann said...

One way to NEVER microwave an egg is in it's shell unless you poke a hole in it (like hard boiled or hard microwaved as the case may be). Apparently the egg will blow up in the microwave creating quite a mess.

I prefer my eggs cooked in bacon grease, my home fries too. Not quite the healthy fare you subscribe to but I'm sure Nana would love it!

Maris said...

Interesting. I'd always heard you could nuke eggs but never put it to the test. Sometimes when I'm making eggs for a sandwich on the stove I can never get them into the right shape so this is definitely one to try!

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