I was recently asked if I'd like to try an immunity boosting drink. I said I'd give it a try and away they sent me a box full of beveri Enhance it Immunity Boost. OOOO visiting their website just let me see they also sell milled flax seeds!! Mmmmmm flax seeds... oh right, back to those drinks!

They sent me three flavors to try: Natural Lemon Zest Flavor, Natural Tangerine Zest Flavor, and Natural Tropical Fruit Zest Flavor
image taken from their website

Basically this is a vitamin you can drink. I was a little worried it was going to TASTE just like a vitamin but thankfully it didn't! No aftertaste either! I opened a tropical fruit flavored one and instantly thought it smelled like Kool-Aid. A quick mix with 10-16 onces of water and I was ready to go! The drink is only 5 calories and full of immunity boosting things like vitamin C and Lactoferrin (which if you want to learn more about you can read about it here.)

I wouldn't say this tasted like Kool-aid but it did have a nice sweetness to it even though it contains no sugar. I think these are a great option for people who don't like swallowing vitamins or for someone looking for an added dose of things during cold season. I'm no scientist or doctor but they do have some scientific evidence listed on their site here.

I brought them into work and let my coworkers at them as well. My one coworker especially liked them and she drinks these sort of liquid vitamins all the time, so the fact she said they were good means a lot!

4 chews:

Mags said...

Anything would beat that "horse pill" vitamin I take every day.

Natalie said...

ooh I would love these! Have you tried mixing it into a smoothie? I bet that'd be a fun way to eat it too!

stephchows said...

oo mixing it in with a smoothie is a great idea!! Will have to give it a try!

stephchows said...

oo mixing it in with a smoothie is a great idea!! Will have to give it a try!

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