Virtual Bake Sale

Due to a very crappy blogger issue that took place last week this did not post on Friday :( I'm so sad because I wasn't able to let you all know about another Steph's bake sale that I was taking part in. Head on over here to see the final results of the sale.
I was so happy when another Steph (Steph's rock!) asked me to join in on her online bake sale to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! There are so many tasty tasty things and bidding starts at 7am TODAY!!! So head straight on over to the front page of Steph's Bite by Bite and bid on some tasty treats! (all proceeds go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)

You know you want me to send you a batch of my liquored up smores fudge don't you?

Doesn't it just look good?? Head on over and support a great cause and get some goodies in return for doing so!

As you read this I'm on my way to Vermont for the weekend! Hooray VT!!! I'll be back Sunday night though and will have some fabulous pictures up for you ASAP! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anyone have any fun plans?

What do you want to bid on over at the bake sale?

Your email will never be displayed publicly, so don't be scared to comment! :)

5 chews:

Bee said...

 s'mores. fudge. Ahhh you're my hero! Is the recipe boppin around in your archives somewhere?

Barbara Gilbert said...

Smores fudge?  Where?  The recipe, I mean.  You DO have it posted somewhere, right? 

It does exist on the blog! This is my favorite fudge to make!!
Here you go ladies!

Abbotabel8 said...

Nice information. I have something sweet EVERY day,
especially after dinner. I like them because they can be made in a short period
of time. This is my favorite fudge to make!! Head on over and support a great
cause and get some goodies in return for doing so! Thanks for sharing..

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nom. if you saw my post other other day you know i love s'mores anything. must make your fudge!

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