Hot Cocoa for Adults

First off happy holidays! Sorry to go MIA, but lets face it, you were all probably too busy to be reading blogs anyway. I've got a question for you, are you a holiday card person? I'm totally not, don't get me wrong I love getting photo cards in the mail, or a nice handwritten letter, but sending them.. nahhh. You see once you start you can never stop! So I plan on never starting... this however leads to people asking why we don't send them a card in return, or people demanding we "take a picture in front of the fireplace" and send it to them... so my friends, you complained enough so here you go... first up John with our pet cat.
And then the two of us...
Believe me, this shoot involved copious amounts of giggles :) maybe we should start sending cards.... nahhhh!

Now what better way to spend a nice winters eve? A toasty fire, a book, some knitting, and a nice cup of hot chocolate... How about some straight up good for you antioxidant filled 100% cocoa instead? Brewed 100% cocoa beans?? Sounds horrible and bitter right? Well the first words out of John's mouth when he took a sip of this stuff were "wow, that's smooth". I totally agree with him, I was actually expecting a much harsher, in your face taste based on how strong the grounds smelled (it was a delicious smell, but strong none the less). In the end it was a pleasant surprise and I've really been enjoying the stuff.... you probably want to know what "the stuff" is huh? It's called Choffy, and I'd never heard of it until a person at the company contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some on the house. Of course I said I'd be happy to try it :)
All you need to make it is preferably a french press (you can use a drip coffee pot too). Add the grounds in with some hot water, sit for 5 minutes, plunge and serve. I added a little half and half to mine and it was perfect, others might want to add a little sweet but I found it excellent without it! I'll admit it's a little pricey for an everyday treat ($15 for 12oz), but I'd totally get this for special occasions or as a gift for someone :)
I don't think I could ask for a more perfect evening, I'm officially an old woman at the ripe old age of 30... what about all of you? What's your perfect evening? Something relaxing and staying in like me? Or out on the town? Would it involve some 100% cocoa? :) Now that I think about it, maybe I'll add a swig of amaretto into my next cup of Choffy... now THAT sounds like a good night in!

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Jeanne said...

Toooooo funny! I love those pics!! :)

These photos made me laugh!!

Lauren said...

Love the pics, but the Choffy sounds amazing. I wonder if you can get it in the UK? 

Tracy said...

Haha, I love the pictures! I've been trying to get hubby to do them with me for years, but he hasn't budged...yet. ;-)

Mom said...

Is John reading the phone book? Cute pics. I've never heard of having cocoa like that.

Sarah Glancy said...

I am the same with photo cards I love them but I am bad about sending them out...LOL

Mkivgli said...

he appears to be reading the repair manual for a 1966 mercury cougar/ford mustang.

Probably would have been more interesting if he did read the phone book.

Gourmet Mama said...

I'm only a year and a half older than you and sitting by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa sounds great to me! :) I had no idea you could brew that stuff, very cool! And nope, no cards here. I'm so not organized enough for things like that.

Luckyyyy, they wouldn't send me a sample. I love roasted brewed cocoa! BUT. If you're going to buy it yourself...I'd recommend Chocolate Alchemy. It's much cheaper, really tasty, and all done by like, one guy.

Thanks for stopping by! The light carrot cake on your site looks delicious! I think it's fun to stay home and just relax!

Thanks for the recommendation! Never heard of that company either!

Lol, close! It's 1968:)

EKR said...

So cool!! Where can I find Choffy?! Love the post - thanks for sharing. :)

I believe you can only buy it online right now, if you click through to their website there is a buy choffy tab on top, then click order now, just keep clicking down to the kind you want and you'll eventually be able to add to your cart! I agree there are a few too many clicks to actually find where you buy! Lol hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

Kim said...

Love the photos!!  Tee hee!  I'm going to print them out and post w/ the rest of our cards (front & center of course).  :-)  BTW--does JL have a pipe in his hand?

LOL! Nope he's holding a pair of glasses :) No pipes allowed in this house!

Barbara said...

You're just hilarious!  I am not a card person either.  I am an emailer, period.  Your photos are priceless, though!

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