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Jam Exchange 2012


It's that time of year again! Time for the fourth annual steph chows jam exchange!
Want to be part of an awesome international jam exchange? It's easy! All you have to do is be willing to be paired up with a stranger and send each other two (1/2 pint) jars of home made/ fully processed jam!

The rules:
  • You must send two 1/2 pints (or the equivalent in size: 4-1/4 pints, 1-pint) of jam or jelly to your partner. (they can be the same type of jam or different types, your choice)
  • Your jams must be canned properly, no freezer jams/unprocessed jars allowed. Learn more how to can properly here.
  • You must properly pack your jams for shipment. AKA fully wrap your jars separately in bubble wrap and pack the box full with packing peanuts, newspaper, whatever you have, just make sure when you jiggle the box you don't hear ANYTHING moving around. If you drop it off the kitchen table will they break? If the answer is yes you need to pack them better :)
  • Unfortunately shipping can be expensive, nothing I can really do about that one but this is just a warning that it will probably cost you a good $10 (maybe less maybe more) to ship your package.
  • Fill out the form below by July 31st to be added to the list.
  • I will contact you/your partner by August 5th.
  • You have one week to respond to your partner and confirm your addresses (if you don't get a response I will pair you with a new partner).
  • All jams/jellies/yummies must be in the mail by September 1st. You can mail as early as you like though, so if you have your jam ready to go when I email you... go for it and mail it! Or if you are a procrastinator... wait till the 1st to mail it... either way works :) Just please make sure to mail it so no one is left out!
  • Life happens, if for any reason you wont be able to make/send your jam just let me know and I'll make sure your partner gets hooked up with someone else.
After some great feedback from last years crew I'm going to make sure to send out more reminders on when you should be sending your jam, that way no one will forget. I also had requests for more posts about jam so I'm hoping to document any new recipes I try this year! I'm a bit worried since our early spring/then frost ruined a lot of crops here :( but I'm hoping to still hit up the pick your own farms and make something!

Oh, and I love seeing what you all come up with so make sure to add your pictures of what you send to this flicker group! Don't worry I'll remind you to do this again later once you actually make your jam!

Need some ideas of flavors to send? Check out the roundups from previous years:

Do you still want to join? Ok then! Fill out the form and cross your fingers I didn't code this wrong :)

Sorry signups are now closed:

Want a cool badge to show your jamming pride? Feel free to grab it, and link back to this post so more people can join the fun!
Your email will never be displayed publicly, so don't be scared to comment! :) Oh and make sure you type in your blog link so I can click over to you! There is a spot you can type it in.

16 chews:

findingradiance said...

Yay! I love the exchange!

Jeanne said...

Yay jam exchange!

Thanks for hosting again!

karly said...

I am so doing this!

Steve2inLA said...

Color me "in". (Apricot-Serrano on the list this year.)

Angela Watts said...

So excited to receive your e-mail this morning. Next week is blueberry picking with my mom. I've been furiously emptying out jars in anticipation. :) Thanks for the great opportunity!

Homemade jam is the best! I wish I could participate, but I just don't think it's in the cards this time around. The last thing I need is another project... But you can be sure I'll follow along enviously.

Wrench50 said...

sweetyetevil said...

This sounds delicious! I just started diving into the world of canning and found your site by searching for recipe ideas. Based of the fancy combos I seen from previous years posted I am a bit intimidated to join! Is it pretty customary that most canners use full sugar recipes? I found the jams I have made tastes sweet without all of the sugar.

Cathy (BreadExperience) said...

Thanks for hosting the jam exchange again this year! It is such a fun event! Looking forward to participating.

I think a lot use full sugar but I know I'm a fan of doing lower sugar so the fruit taste really stands out! Thanks for visiting and I hope you decide to join in!

Can different people in the same household all join? My daughters each want to do this separately as does my husband.

Kate that is absolutely allowed! I'm so excited your whole family would like to participate! Just fill out the form with each of your names separately and I'll make sure to give you each a partner! How fun!

Amanda said...

I got my jams today, so excited. I also blogged about it here: Jam Exchange Results.

KatieAlbert said...

Sent Kelly's off Sat. and posted a photo:

MMM I'd be all over that peach bourbon jam for sure! They look great!

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