Free scoop day

Today is a wonderful glorious day... yes that is right... it's Ben and Jerry's free cone day! As most of you know I'm a gym rat. I was finishing up my daily gym routine when a person mentioned that today was free cone day. Beth's friend you rock for telling us! So after a night of lifting legs and doing some cardio we all walked over to the scoop shop so conveniently located on the RIT campus.. mmmmm decisions decisions what flavor to get.

There was a new flavor: coconut. I love coconut gelato or helado depending where you are and what ethnicity it's coming from. When I worked in Manhattan I would look for the helado carts every day. $1 got you a large dixi cup full of the creamy coconut laced stuff... mmmmmm *drool* I figured ben and jerry although good guys would no be able to compete with my street helado so instead I went for the Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz... yes it requires 3 buzz's :D And at 240 calories and 15 grams of fat per half cup... yes I certainly just undid whatever good I had done at the gym. But like nana said "everything in moderation" and as grandpa said "life is short eat dessert first" :D good words to live by!! So I ate my ice cream guilt free and enjoyed every last bite. YUM! Now... what should I have for dinner....

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