Cook Book Typography

I mentioned this last week and never got a chance to write about it. In grad school Neva and I took a typography class together. One of our first projects was to make a salad to bring in to share with everyone and then create an art piece using letter forms to recreate our salad. I chose ambrosia... here is what I created typographically to represent ambrosia salad... which is super tasty!!

Our final class project was to create a cookbook using typographic elements to help a person read the recipe easier. A lot of recipes can be rather confusing the way they are presented... Here are a few pages from my cookbook. Hope you enjoy!! (click on the images to see a larger view)

I titled the book Snow on my Oatmeal (for those of you who don't know my last name is Snow... I know super fun). I also used a splatter of B's to create the look of flour spilled across the page... I don't know about you but I always get flour everywhere!

I used dotted lines to separate the ingredients and instructions within the groupings of ingredients. I also used the left hand side of the book spread to create letters into objects that represented the recipe... so in this example we have little typographic shrimp!

And in this example we have little typographic cookies! You have to try this recipe for Anzac biscuits!!! They are super tasty... but very very stick to your teeth sweet.


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