Ithaca... and off to Cape Cod!

So I leave today for Cape Cod! So exciting, I've never been, so if you have any suggestions write me quick since I leave at noon :) I'll make sure to document the trip so you can all see the fun of Cape Cod along with the chow!

Oh and don't worry, I have posts ready to go next week so you wont be sad that I'm gone ;)

Speaking of chow I still need to tell you about all the yummy stuff we had in Ithaca! I was bad about taking pictures in the places we ate... sorry :( But I do have links to all the places so you can check them out that way!

The first place we went to for lunch was a little thai joint in College Town. (there are like 20 in a square mile, it's hilarious) It's an order at a buffet premade kind of place, we didn't realize this when we first went in, but were glad we stuck it out! The food was very good, I especially liked my basil spicy chicken, delicious! Here is the link to it.

Since it was my birthday John brought me out to a place of my choosing for dinner. We ended up at Mahogany, which was a very dark wood (go figure) filled bar type place. The tried cramming us at a small table and I suggested we move to the front window seat. Thankfully they let us even though the table for was 4. We had a great view of the street and fun people watching. I had a very nice rare piece of tuna with the most delicious sweet potato fries on the side. It was AMAZING!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it now... mmmmm! Link

Another place we frequented a lot while we were there was Collegetown Bagels. They have a ton of great coffees and all types of sandwiches and bagels. My favorite the long island wheat (its an everything wheat bagel!! YUM!!) LINK Seriously so many good options for any meal totally check it out!!

We were given this next place to go by Gretchen who's house we crashed. We were a bit skeptical when we pulled up (it's in a totally out of the 70s ugly strip mall) But once we were inside we were very happy we went! Totally check this place out while you are there! LINK

Gretchen also suggested the Queen of Tarts, just a short walk from her house. We went for a mid-morning snack and shared a HUGE (like size of my head) blueberry bran muffin. It was delicious!! Sometimes big muffins are so dry... not this one.. super moist, great flavor! A 10 for sure! LINK You HAVE to go to this place... although I'm sure if I lived there I'd be much larger by making too many trips (their cakes look amazing!!) John even came up with a song while we were there... yeah it was about him not being around anymore because I ate too many Queen of Tarts... hahahahahahaha Oh I wish I could record it for you to hear it's hilarious :)

Next was more thai! Taste of Thai came highly recommended for their pad thai so we gave it a shot. LINK. It was good but nothing to totally rave about. We've both had better, but it was still a good meal, I'd try something different next time though.

We also had to go to the Moosewood Restaurant while we were in Ithaca... we actually tried going here first on my birthday but the wait was insane... ON A MONDAY NIGHT???? We ended up going around the same time on Wednesday.. no wait... so weird. LINK. Anyway the food was delicious. I had a vegetarian Moo Shu Burrito type thing over some amazing brown rice. John had a nut encrusted fish (i can't remember what kind of nuts or fish wooops), which he thoroughly enjoyed.

As for the rest of our meals, we ate those while hiking so they consisted of lots of apples, power bars, tuna fish sandwiches for John, and for me peanut butter and banana sandwiches.. YUM. I've been on a total kick with them since we've been back. I just can't get enough. Yeah I'm a nut, I know... but that's ok ;)

Oh wait how could I forget Smart Monkey!! LINK. I mean with a name like that you can't forget it! We hit up this place one day after a long hike as an early dinner. It's all organic and natural and TASTY! John had a buffalo chicken sandwich that as he was eating made the comment "How come you don't make stuff like this?" He then realized he was in deep deep trouble... questioning my cooking honor??? oh no he didn't!!!! The gauntlet was thrown... he was in for it... don't worry no blood was drawn ;) I had a grass feed local cow... I mean hamburger... poor local cow :( mmm poor deliciously prepared local cow... Instead of the normal side optioned I paid a little more and got some sweet potato fries. I never have theses and I had them twice this trip YUM! These were different then the first place, more of a wedge and cooked with olive oil and then dusted with sea salt. In one word... delicious! :)


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