Coffee coolata shake

You already know I'm a gym rat.. when you are a gym rat you learn about things like protein powder... I know what you are thinking.. yuck right? Nope! Especially if you sneak it into a yummy delicious ice cream shake! John and I made these the other day after a run as a snack. So tasty!! We served them up in wine glasses too for a laugh.

while taking a sip "Hmmm this was a good year"
while swirling and sniffing "yes a very nice bouquet with chocolaty undertones"

yes we are nuts... it's true :)

Coffee / chocolate protein shake
1 cup ice coffee (see recipe here)
1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
1/2 cup packed low fat coffee ice cream (i use low fat wegmans cappuccino chip mmmm)
1/2 cup skim milk

Toss in a blender and blend away...

The 100% whey chocolate protein powder has 120 calories in a scoop and 23g protein and it tastes like chocolate milk when you mix it up.. yum! I buy it at BJ's for cheep but here is a link


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April said...

This looks so good, and healthy too! How can you go wrong with it?

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