TCHO Citrus

Ahh TCHO my good friend, you know it's a wonderful day when you get home from work to find a happy little package full of chocolate waiting for you. YUM!!

So far I've had the pleasure of testing three of their flavors; chocolatey, nutty, and fruity. Of those three, nutty was my favorite by far... but it's having a run for its money now that citrus is here! TCHO doesn't add flavoring to their chocolate, it's all in the way they roast the beans to bring out the flavor tones they want. This latest citrus batch from Madagascar is delicious, I truely think I could just sit and eat it all day long and not get sick of it.

It's amazing how you can really taste the citrus untones in this chocolate, for being dark chocolate it is not at all bitter and has a smooth finish. So go and order some citrus, and get some nutty while you're there as well :)


Oh and I almost forgot TCHO gave me some nibs to try too!!! Along with some recipes, one is for a cacao nib and pecan cookie... oh yeah I'm totally going to have to make that!! So check back to see what I think :)

2 chews:

Meg said...

Yum...citrus and chocolate sound good!

Meg said...

There is an award waiting for you at my blog!

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