Halloween... 1952 style!

So my coworker Niki has the best halloween party every year. She spends days cooking and preparing for it, it's CRAZY!!! Only rule.. you HAVE to wear a costume. I had found a bathingsuit that was my Nana's from the 50's (along with great photos of her in it!!!) and I knew I had to wear it as my costume... so what does a girl do when it's in the 30's out and wants to wear a bathingsuit... hmmmm thick nude leggings! I went as Miss America 1952 and had a blast dressing up... how hilarious is this outfit?? hehehe

I'd post a picture of John in his costume but something tells me he wouldn't be too happy :)

Here are some of my coworkers!! We know how to have fun :)

I"ll update with a picture of the spread of food once I have it from Niki the devil and wonderful host!)... so much delicious stuff. Buffalo dip, fiesta dip, bone bread sticks, fried candy bars haha, crustinis with chese and walnuts, pigs in a blanket, cheese bread, chocolate dipped pretzels, pupkin muffins, witch hat cookies, cream cheese wrap things, and sooo much more!! mmmmmmm

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Meg said...

Love the costume! Sounds like Halloween was fun!

My grandma lives here in Texas now, but my mom and dad's families are both from Edison, NJ!

CB said...

Omg that is freaking adorable. Love that 1952 swimsuit! Looks like you got that pageant wave down! HAHA.

stephchows said...

hahah I know it was so much fun!! The bathing suit had a metal zipper up the back and built in boning... I can't imagine actually swimming in it!

SCJ said...

that is such a great costume steph and you look great in it too!

Lo said...

Now, how much fun is that??!! Sounds like a fun time... with great food. Can't wait to hear more about it.

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