Snow in the Poconos

The Pocono's were fantastic! We skied, we had read time, we mellowed, we crocheted, we cooked and we baked!! Since it was late Christmas I was very excited to receive multiple cooking and baking related gifts! A fabulous flirty housewife apron, 2 amazingly delicious cookbooks (more on what we made from them to come...) A crock pot! A candy thermometer, and a beautiful 3 bowl serving tray. Santa was good this year :)

Check out Walton's "king of the mountain" shirt! He wished he could come skiing with us but unfortunately he'll have to wait a few years :)

Here's a teaser from one the recipes we made. This one is a dessert loved by all of the Snow family. Stockton on the other hand thinks it's nasty :) Once Walton is old enough we'll see if he inherited his taste buds from his mom or dad with this delicious dessert! Here's a hint.. it has 7 layers to it.

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Anonymous said...

This is intriguing. 7 layers and it includes fresh meringue? Is that meringue? :)

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