Chocolate Almond Shake

Well I couldn't just stop at cookies with the almond butter! We had to add it into a protein shake for a little something fun :)

Why is a protein shake in a shot glass you may be wondering... because things are always cuter in smaller packages :)

John is a protein powder connoisseur. Some people may know wines... John knows protein powder! Hmmm I'd say it's a 2010 with a very floral bouquet...

umm yeah anyway... some protein powder has a really chalky taste to it.. bleh! But adding a dab of almond butter solves that problem quick!

John's chocolate almond shake

2 scoops chocolate protein powder
2 cups fat free lactaid
1 Tbs MaraNatha almond butter

toss it all in a blender, hit go... drink it up!

10 chews:

ChineseKite said...

adding almond butter to shakes, very interesting idea!!! Did it taste good and interesting as well?

Astra Libris said...

The shakes sound scrumptious and wonderfully healthful... and they look SO cute in the shot glasses!! :-)

Jeanne said...

love the glasses. cute!

Anonymous said...

Yummy shake and so adorable in those shot glasses!

Juliana said...

Almond and chocolate, I'd go for it :-)

I love of my fave peanut butters! pairing it off with chocolate? uh-mayzing. :)

Mags said...

2010 with a very floral bouquet....LOLOL! You tickle me.

Yum! This looks great! You should have John do another guest post this time on protein powder- I never know which is best, what brand of egg protein, whey, hemp, etc...? I've tried a few and am not overly impressed with any of them yet! I'd make more protein shakes if I could find the right powder.

stephchows said...

Ann I put in the request, now we'll see how long it takes him to write one!

stephchows said...

Ann I put in the request, now we'll see how long it takes him to write one!

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