Lactaid Smoothie and a donation

A few weeks ago I entered a contest with Lactaid and I made it to the next round! If I win, my recipe will be featured during the tasting pavilion at the foodbuzz festival!!! Exciting right!! Full disclosure: Lactaid sent me a coupon to pick up some of their fabulous lactose free milk. Lactaid also wants to spread the word about lactose intolerance along with the health benefits of consuming dairy products. To find out more you can learn with a splash of fun at

In all truth our fridge is always stocked with Lactaid since John is lactose intolerant. John is actually the whole reason behind my proposed smoothie!!

You see John and I met at the gym... yeah we're gym rats. He won me over with a chocolate peanut butter protein shake. Apparently the way to my heart is through food (who would have guessed). So this smoothie is the reason we're married... yup I married him for his smoothie making abilities :)

Using a blender older than you are makes the best smoothies if you ask John

PB and chocolate protein ice cream shake
recipe by John aka steph chows better half
makes enough for 2 people

2 scoops of chocolate protein powder (60 g)
2 cups Lactaid fat free milk (plus calcium) - the yellow top container!
1 tbs all natural peanut butter
1 cup vanilla lactose free ice cream

Dump everything into a blender
Blend for about 60 seconds or until smooth
Pour into 2 tall glasses
Clink glasses to celebrate
Drink up!


On another note. Last night I donated my hair again! A few years ago I donated to Locks of Love, which takes the donated hair and makes wigs for kids going through cancer treatments. This time I donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, same concept except they make wigs for women of all ages!


16 chews:

"I married him for his smoothie making abilities." Is that what you kids are calling it these days? HEE!

So sweet of you to donate your hair. I love the shorter look on you!

looking good! I like the new cut

Jeanne said...

Love the hair cut!

Ty'sMommy said...

I donated 12 inches of my own hair to Locks of Love about four years ago. Its a great feeling, isn't it?

MaryBe said...

That blender is classic! You have some of the best kitchen stuff.
I'm not a Lactaid drinker (I drink almond milk) but you make it sound so good!
Wow your hair was really long! You are a rockstar to donate it. Your new look is super cute!!

brandi said...

love the smoothie AND haircut :)

Rachel said...

I like your haircut!
Smoothies are great! My fiance stays away from dairy because it makes him break out and I've always wondered if lactaid wold work for him.
I like the chocolate hemp protein powder from Trader Joe's. It gives smoothies a little fiber boost.

This shake looks like a winner to me, Steph! Anything with chocolate and pb gets my vote for sure. Good luck!!

Love your new haircut and really love that you've donated again. You rock!

stephchows said...

Thanks for all the support guys!! You rock!!!

Reeni said...

The shake rocks! And you hair looks adorable!

megan said...

That smoothie would be perfect for my breakfaast! Looks and sounds delish. I have a feeling there was more to John then his smoothie ablilities, but if you say so! ;)

Bless you for donating your hair!

great smoothie all the best for the competition

Jennifer said...

Love it short and what a wonderful thing to do! I donated 12 inches of my hair this time last year and would do it again but it hasnt grown as fast as I hoped!

jen cheung said...

thanks for sharing this delicious drink with us! makes me crave for one now!!

have a lovely weekend!
jen @

Dot said...

GReat haircut! love it :)

Dot (from foodwhirl)

Good luck with the contest. :)

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